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HIMYM, TBBT, Terminator

I'm an episode behind on Boston Legal so I'm not watching the series (sniff, sniff) finale tonight. I figure I'm going to stretch it out this week to savor the end. And I just didn't get to Prison Break yet. So the Monday shows I DID watch!

How I Met Your Mother ... Man, I'm glad I didn't really expect anything Barney/Robin tonight based on the promo spot, LOL! It was a funny episode and there were some cute BrOtp moments (I loved Robin squeezing his arm in the booth), and I actually took it as a good sign that it was Barney she was going after. When the fighting stuff first happened, she was looking at Ted all lusty, but once Barney stood up to, he was the only one she focused on. That continued when she came into the apartment, she was ALL ABOUT Barney to the point that I'm taking it as subconscious feelings for him that she doesn't realize she has because she DID hone in on him to such a degree. Hey, I'm taking what I can get.

Overall, funny episode. I love this show. I continue to be amused by what a horrible kindergarten teacher Lily is, what a slut Robin is -- cuz, really she is ... so perfect for Barney!, what wusses all three of the guys really are. Well, I guess Marshall really isn't, LOL! And how about that light saber ending tag?

The Big Bang Theory ... I was a little disappointed that it was such a Sheldon, Penny (and Sheldon/Penny) lite episode as it was my first "live" episode. Still it was pretty dang funny AND that lite aspect of it actually gave me a teensy bit of hope that they might just be at least thinking on the idea of Sheldon/Penny. I mean, that final scene? Was so unnecessary for anything other than highlighting Sheldon and Penny's interaction and there was a sexually-related gag and SHELDON SEEMED AWARE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know!!!!

Terminator ... You know, a recent EW complained about the show introducing so many threads that it's too complicated. I do, but don't agree. I see how it COULD be complicated, but I feel like there's a plan and it all seems to be weaving into something with a plan in place and I love that intricacy. I do agree in that if (which is likely) the show is canceled before its able to present the finished tapestry, it will just be left a complicated mess. Ah well, either way, I'm still just enjoying each episode. I'm intrigued, I'm pulled in and I just flat-out think it's a great show.

And Summer Glau continues to kill her with fantastic line-readings. "Or a bear." Hee!
Tags: brotp, himym, sarah conner chronicles, summer glau, the big bang theory

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