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07 December 2008 @ 02:47 pm
'The Big Bang Theory'  
So I randomly decided to watch The Big Big Theory. I got the first disc of season one last weekend from Netflix, and watched it all up. Yesterday, I finished discs two and three and just now finished what's aired of season two.

Needless to say (if you glanced at my icon), you'll pick up that I LOVED Sheldon and Penny. Understandably, Sheldon is my favorite character, but somewhere in there, Penny sneaked up to become my second favorite and I found that my favorite episodes were ones that highlighted the Penny/Sheldon dynamic -- "The Barbarian Sublimation" (Penny gets addicted to online gaming) and "The Panty Piñata Polarization" (Penny and Sheldon fight) were AWESOME!!! I know it's extremely, never-gonna-happen unlikely that anything romantic will happen between them -- I mean, it's SHELDON!, and it's SHELDON AND PENNY!!! -- but I enjoy all of their scenes so much, I'm just happy with whatever I get with them.

On the other hand, I'm kinda hoping that nothing WILL ever happen again with Leonard and Penny because they just don't work. Besides, I still kinda want something with Leonard and Leslie Winkle because ... come on! It's Darlene and David from Roseanne. I LOVED those two, so I love every scene with the two of them. On the other other hand, I've liked Sara Rue since I saw her in Less Than Perfect (even if I found I didn't like her character so much in Popular, which I watched after LTP) -- and I'm really glad she's gained some weight again because super-skinny Sara Rue was not as attractive as how she looked on LTP and on this show, so I'm cool with Leonard and Dr. Stephanie. But I still love Leonard and Leslie.

Or maybe I just love Leslie. That's possible, as I love Sara Gilbert. But aside from the Leonard/Lesie hook-ups that are amusing, the hate/hate relationship between Leslie and Sheldon is a riot also. Jim Parsons IS a magnificent find, and Kaley Cuoco is pretty good -- the fact that I say this despite the fact that she reminds me a tad of Jennifer Anniston says how good pretty good is, in my book. Johnny Galecki is enjoyable (although, it's funny watching him here as the nerd, when he was the cool "artist" on Roseanne). Simon Helberg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) are fun too. Ooh, and I LOVED that Laurie Metcalf (also formerly of Roseanne) plays Sheldon's mom.

Great cast overall, the dialogue cracks me up as a self-professed nerd/geek, pick your term. Other than the uber-science stuff, I recognize (and have participated in) much of their nerdy habits and it's awesome. So yeah, great show, I don't know why I waited so long to watch it. And now I have a companion to How I Met Your Mother on Monday nights. :D
Laurelcorusca on December 7th, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)
I haven't seen The Big Bang Theory, but I had to share the squee-love for Darlene and David. There was a lot to love about Roseanne, but that was always one of my favorite things. Even if Darlene tended to, you know...break his heart and abuse him on a fairly regular basis.
Arabian: David Tennant_01arabian on December 7th, 2008 08:29 pm (UTC)
True, true, but honestly, half the time it seemed like David liked it. I mean, you really wouldn't even enter into a relationship with Darlene Conner unless you were somewhat masochistic.

Oh, you should check out TBBT, it's a totally different dynamic, but it's a cute, fun show and Sara Gilbert was made a regular cast member this season (but she's not in every episode).
Laurelcorusca on December 8th, 2008 08:34 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's not as if she went around pretending to be a demure wilting flower - even if she had, THAT would have fallen through after one family dinner with the Conners...

I will check out the show though - I don't think I'd even heard of it before I saw your post. I always need new shows :-D
jedi_of_urth: pirates swordsjedi_of_urth on December 7th, 2008 09:13 pm (UTC)
As much as I like The Big Bang Theory I always feel a little weird with it since I can't help but feel we're supposed to laugh *at* the nerdy habits instead of identify with them. Like when they make jokes about Star Wars or online gaming I laugh because they're funny jokes but there's always a little voice inside me that thinks I'm supposed to be laughing at the people who tell them. Or more specifically, I want to learn Klingon just to play Klingon Boggle because it sounds *awesome* but I'm not sure that's supposed to be my reaction.

Which kind of extends to Penny. While I often enjoy her as a character, sometimes I want to slap her because she doesn't seem to actually like the fact that her friends are nerds and wants to enforce her code of "normal" on them.

It is a fun show though, glad you're getting into it.
Arabian: Will & Elizabetharabian on December 7th, 2008 10:25 pm (UTC)
Oh, see I don't get that impression. There are too many jokes about/involving those things for it to be condescending to me. It comes across as a celebration of all things nerd-dom to me.

As for Penny, as someone who's never been exposed to that kind of nerdy lifestyle, the fact that she hangs out with them, the fact that when Sheldon said she was a permanent member of their group (and didn't have even a moment of ugh!) says to me that see "normal" people can enjoy nerdy stuff too.
(Deleted comment)
Arabian: Rose_Thinkingarabian on December 7th, 2008 10:26 pm (UTC)
And they all ALWAYS pick Spock.

Of course.
(Deleted comment)
Arabian: Rose_smilearabian on December 8th, 2008 02:40 am (UTC)

Edited at 2008-12-08 02:40 am (UTC)
ron124 on December 7th, 2008 10:27 pm (UTC)
The Big Bang Theory is the funniest show on TV. Anyone who does not watch it does not know what they are missing. I am looking forward to tommorrow's new episode, and then they are having their first ever Christmas episode next week. The show is great. See you on CBS Mondays at 8:00 ET/PT. I love this show.
Arabian: Barney & Robinarabian on December 8th, 2008 02:37 am (UTC)
I don't know that I'd call it the funniest show (I'd still give that to HIMYM and possibly 30 Rock), but it's definitely, definitely up there as far as I'm concerned.
Brandy: how i met your motherbrandyleigh on December 8th, 2008 02:26 am (UTC)
Your thoughts on the show pretty much mirror my own - I got caught up this summer and have been watching ever since. I love Sheldon, and Penny's my second favorite, so any eps with the focus on the two of them are pretty great. I don't know if they'll go anywhere romantically with them, just because Sheldon is sort of asexual, but regardless, they're fun together.

I also love the other characters, too, but like you I don't care about Leonard and Penny being together and hope they don't go back to that.
Arabian: Dr Who (Rose/10/9)arabian on December 8th, 2008 02:39 am (UTC)
Hah, the next time someone calls the Doctor "asexual," I'm gonna be all ... no, Dr. Sheldon Cooper is asexual, not the Doctor.

All the old-school Who fanboys who insist that the Doctor is asexual need to take a gander at BBT. Cuz the Doctor is NOT ... what with his flirting and snogging and what-not. No, Sheldon is the definition of a television character who is asexual.
la_tante: interpretive dancela_tante on December 8th, 2008 08:13 am (UTC)
welcome aboard! i love this show. it makes me giggle. and yup. sheldon. rulesssssss.
Arabian: Sheldon & Pennyarabian on December 14th, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
There was this long preview of next week's episode and I was almost convulsing I was laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!! This show is hysterical!
Shane: I want Logan for Christmashavemy_heart on December 8th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
BBT has become one of my favorite shows. I bought the first season, and still need to have a marathon. I love Penny/Sheldon, too. They are so freaking funny! I don't have a single icon of them, though. I need at least one.
Arabian: Beauty & the Geekarabian on December 14th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
I think I'm going to buy the DVDs myself; I really do love it. I broke down and have TWO, count 'em!, TWO Sheldon/Penny icons now. :)