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'I Am God' LoVe Thoughts

I've separated the first scene into five segments because we have the flashback section separated in two parts, and there is a different vibe to all three of the present-day segments. I decided it would be an easier read to separate the scene into each segment (present/past/present/past/present).

Scene One - Segment One: Because Logan Doesn't Have a Ponytail to Pull

Now, I know that Veronica did do that little kick to Logan's knees because she was tired. But the important thing to note is why the tiredness made her pull that little grade-school-crush move ... it is because of the tiredness that she was less on guard and thus able to give in to her still-there feelings for Logan. Thus the grade-school-crush move and that is totally, totally what that little maneuver was. Of course, it wasn't just the "Because you're five" movement; it was how Veronica did it. The playful way she came up behind him, the almost-smile, near-glow on her face as he turned to look at her and she realized what she had done (without fully realizing why she'd done it). It was cute, very, very cute. And flirty. Cuz she lurves him. Yes, she does.

Ahem, moving on. We also had her reaction to Logan's explanation for her lack of sleep. Whereas a few episodes ago, she probably would have just disgustedly rolled her eyes, sending a death glare along with it, she didn't do that here. Okay, yes there was an eye roll, but it was a mini-one and rolled with affection, not disgust and she was smiling while she did it. Ah, see that haystack over there? Do ya see it? Yes! Our straws are definitely being put to good use now!

One more note before we continue onto the scene we're all rewatching two or three ... thousand times. When Logan asked if she remembered meeting Lucky, oh boy. Excuse me while I sigh a dozen sighs here. Oh, his eyes were so soft and sweet and tender, milk chocolately goodness melting in the sun. *Sigh* And then there was his smile, so gentle, so loving, so pretty. *Sigh* Finally, his voice -- it was the schmoopy voice!! Directed towards Veronica! The SCHMOOPY VOICE!! The SCHMOOPY VOICE! *SighSighSighSigh*

Scene One - Segment Two: Backseat LoVin'

Now that's more like it! We had an XTerra makeout flashback in Normal is the Watchword and I wasn't impressed ... at all. In fact, I wrote in my analysis of that scene way back in early October:
    ... the sexual heat and steam were barely non-existent. I'm not saying that it's because Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell are incapable of generating that heat ... but the direction of this scene did its damndest to deny them that capability. Their lips were fused together for, oh, about three seconds upon lying down, and two seconds later both were kissing the side of the other's mouth, and then we got motorcycles revving and then the gunfire. It was about as asexual as a scene like that could possibly be.... the execution of the sexual element of this scene actually seemed to be done in such a way as to dampen the sexual heat between these two as much as possible.
I think it's safe to say that such could not be said about this flashback.

The grasping, gasping, grabbing for one another, her fingers rushing through his hair, on his back, his arm, fingers wrapping around his bicep and then back into his hair. Logan's hands doing the same exploration, pressed against her back, then cupping her face, moving to curve about her waist as he pulled her closer, then to her face, then again at her back. Veronica in his lap, continually trying to move closer and closer, Logan just as intently trying to pull her closer and closer against him. Logan taking control and her falling beneath him against the seat and then Veronica pushing back, and now she was on top. And all the while their lips and their hands were going at a frantic pace as if the world was about to end and they were damned sure gonna get as much of each other as they possibly could before Armageddon arrived. And that is what I expected to see when we saw Logan and Veronica making out and it was nice to actually get to see what was expected (well, maybe *nice* is too tame a word, LOL).

And while it would have been even nicer to see full shots of them and clearer face-shots, I think the direction actually enhanced that passionate desire. The fast-paced music with the beats hitting also helped to intensify the mood which was, of course, sold most effectively by Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring. In those fourteen seconds -- just a mere fourteen seconds! -- Bell and Dohring displayed more chemistry and heat than did any other pairing this season (even those that Bell and Dohring were involved with that didn't include the other) combined managed. It's been said before and I'll say it again: When you've got it, you've got it and these two have got IT! Onscreen, they are just this red-hot fusion of hot, heated, sexy, combustible chemistry.

The proof is in the pudding and on this show the pudding goes by the name LoVe.

Scene One - Segment Three: Flashback Interruptus

Interesting this. Veronica interrupting Logan's reminiscing makes perfect sense. We all know how little she likes to be reminded that they dated and here Logan is clearly going on (we can only imagine, as is he) in detail about their amorous exploits over the summer. Still, she doesn't seem as annoyed as I figured she would be. On the other hand, Logan seems really pissed off that she did interrupt him. If it were any other actor (except for Bell -- who's been really on the last couple of episodes especially), I'd just shrug it off to overacting, but since it is Dohring, I'm inclined to dig deeper.

As stated above, Veronica has made it clear that she wants to forget the summer of LoVe ever happened, and here -- right after things have begun to thaw between them -- Logan has the opportunity for the first time since they broke up to actually do a little reminding. And then Veronica goes and cuts him off. Now, you know that he was really visualizing what he was describing (and it was probably a lot more R-rated in his mind!). So on two counts, I can understand his frustration. First off, she opened the door for him -- frickin' opened the door -- to start the reminiscing. Secondly, he was enjoying that reminiscing and she interrupted him. Tsk, tsk, Veronica.

Ah, it's sooooo nice being able to completely see where both Logan and Veronica are coming from again and be able to justify words and actions on both parts quite handily. Niiice.

Scene One - Segment Four: Flashback Makeout Interruptus!

And immediately, we all hate Lucky. Why? Because Meg has talked derisively of him? No. Because he looks skeevy and creepy? No. Because he interrupted Logan and Veronica doing some hot 'n' heavy making out? Bingo! Picking up right where he left off, Logan's return to the flashback has him and Veronica still going at it like there's no tomorrow. Hands all over each other, desperate kisses, Veronica straddling Logan, and in a strange cut, suddenly lying down on top of him -- and Lucky knocks on the window. Grrr. Bad Lucky! Bad Lucky!

And the look of Veronica's face? Very much seems to match the audience's grr. Girl does not look happy. Can ya blame her? Didn't think so.

Ahem, moving on. What follows is interesting for a few reasons, both storytelling and fangirl-y. First of all, Veronica (whose face we see -- which in regards to the fact that it's Logan telling the story makes no sense) has a whole new expression of irritation when the "ball's in our court" pops out of Lucky's mouth. Prior to that moment, she just looked annoyed that her makeout session with Logan had been interrupted.

We can take a few things from this depending on which point of view you hold with viewers being able to see Veronica's expression even though Logan can't. Either you buy that Logan assumed that she was annoyed specifically about the vendetta and thus is describing her irritation so. If taking it thus, then the only assumption I can come up with is that he did know how much she hated his engaging in the PCHer/09er war.

Or you share my theory and believe that the producers are just showing us Veronica's point of view because the show is called Veronica Mars and leave it at that. And if that is the case, then we come back to my belief that Logan did not know that Veronica was that upset about his involvement (thus leading his shock at being dumped for that reason). Frankly, I think this theory holds more water because of (a) Logan's reaction to being dumped and (b) Logan's reaction here in this flashback.

He is holding onto Veronica, while she continues to cling to him. He presses a kiss to her shoulder, is relaxed and calm and when the window rolls back up, sweetly and sexily tells her "Hi." This is not the attitude nor are they the actions of a guy who thinks that he is doing things that will cause his girlfriend to dump him. So, I'm sticking with theory number the producers are giving us Veronica's point of view even though it's Logan's flashback.

Scene One - Segment Five: Back to the Present

I think I know what we're supposed to take from the final present-day section. I think and I think it's good in a way. After Logan has made it clear that he believes she left him for Duncan, Veronica simply nodded and walked off, even ignoring his continued attempts to banter. Why? Is this because she doesn't want to argue with him? Highly unlikely because when does Veronica not want to argue with Logan (and vice versa)? Ah ah ah, unless it has to do with their relationship and the squirrelly events of what happened that summer. So is that it? I think so.

Veronica knows that there was a helluva lot more to her breaking up with him than just the PCHer/09er war, but for her that is the main cause of it all. Side note: Will she ever admit that being with Duncan and revisiting/attempting to recreate her carefree days with him played a major part in the break-up? Probably not, but I'll never believe it didn't. Anyhoo, back on track. Despite other reasons, the main obvious one for the break-up was the PCHer/09er war and on the surface he knows that. Hell, she told him that when she broke up with him. However, if she were to take the time to contradict his response, she very well could be opening up a can of worms on a discussion that she is not ready to have.

Them. Their relationship and what went wrong. Because once she's ready to do that, I think she knows that it means that she is ready to try and make it go right. And she's not ready for that ... yet.

Scene Two: Ah, Foreplay!

Yes, Veronica isn't in this scene, but Logan's smile of fond remembrance, tone of voice and the actual comment about the headlight-smashing is worth a note in the LoVe analysis. I took his comment -- while clearly delivered and meant as snark -- to also confirm many a viewers belief (okay, this viewer's belief) that the hate part of their relationship, was more than anything, sublimated desire.

And Jason Dohring's delivery of that, "Ohh, foreplay!" along with the facial expression just really sold that point of view. He offered a slight smile and his eyes widened slightly and softened (in an over-the-top way, but still ...) as if remembering that special moment. It was delicious and fun. Again, over the top, but I do believe this was definitely a case of Logan overcompensating to hide that, in a way -- sick and twisted as it may be -- he did consider those early, rough times as a form of foreplay.

On another note, I find it interesting that despite the fact that Logan and Veronica dated for a couple of months during the summer, he and Wallace shared no interaction. This makes me believe that Veronica was really holding back during that period because she wasn't ready for the reality of a relationship with Logan. And I really hope that that is the case because I want there to have been a reason beyond Logan just wasn't it for Veronica for their break-up.

This would fit that bill. I've always told myself that it didn't work last summer because Veronica was holding herself back. Yes, there was the excuse of the PCHer/09 war, but if she had really wanted to make it work, she would have given him the ultimatum or stopped it before it started. This IS Veronica Mars we're talking about here. She wanted normal (remember, Normal is the Watchword); she was tired of the drama and just wanted to be a regular high-school girl and that simply could not happen with Logan.

I've convinced myself that the entire time they dated during the summer she was holding her breath, afraid to exhale and not willing to truly open up because to do so would mean that this was it. Logan and all of his drama was her choice and she was stuck with it before she was ready and she was scared shitless. So, she kept him from her father as much as possible -- meaning Keith didn't get to see the good in Logan. She clearly kept he and Wallace apart -- and it had to have been her decision because I just can't see Wallace not capitulating to get to know him had Veronica wanted it.

This is good, I truly believe. If Veronica wasn't ready, but hooked up with him anyway, we can take from that that she was unable to resist the temptation and it was only when she closed herself off in other ways -- keeping him away from the other important aspects of her life, recapturing a facade of normalcy with Duncan through their cafe visits -- that she was able to break away.

Why this is good is because it means that last summer the two of them together did not honestly, openly try. Neither one was ready to give what it takes to make a relationship work and that's why they didn't work then. And I'm not just laying this on Veronica ... emotionally, Logan was, no doubt, more fucked up than he ever has been in his life and he wasn't ready for the reality of a relationship with Veronica either. So, it didn't work then. That's okay. Because we know that when they are ready -- and damnit, there will come a time when they ARE ready -- it will work. Because they are meant to be. It's just that last summer the be was not meant yet.

Scene Three: No Sleep Makes Veronica a Cranky Mars!

Despite Veronica's comment to Logan which was really, really mean, I think this is still a good scene for LoVe overall. Also, I'm happy to say that this is the first time in the series run where Veronica was a complete bitch to Logan and I totally understand why and don't hold it against her at all. We know the girl is dog-tired (which Kristen Bell played beautifully -- see Drama Club), we know she's on edge about whatever the hell is obviously still there between her and Logan and we know that her first instinct with Logan is to snap back. Sooo .... with all of that in place, her response to him (regardless of how low-down it was) makes perfect sense.

She's not going to have the brainpower (due to her exhaustion) to come up with something witty. She's probably still pondering somewhere inside about Logan's casually stated comment that she left him for Duncan as if it was a given. Furthermore, due to her emotional upheaval about the still-there-attraction to Logan, she's desperately trying to remind herself why she broke up with him -- as she did in the first scene -- and if she can add another girl to that list, just more proof that he's no good, he's no good, he's no good (so singeth Linda Rondstadt!) all the better.

So Veronica lashed out, without the wit. Her sleepless nights making her meaner than she normally would be, the tension that is stretched taut in her interaction with him once more -- no other explanation than that, again, it's all sexual, baby -- causing her to hit below the belt. And let's get real here. I love the Buscemi in all of his glory, but comparing a teenage girl to hangdog Stevie-boy? Not nice. Not nice at all. So, I can forgive her without a qualm.

As for the good, it is there. Yes, Logan's crack about Buscemi wasn't nice, but it was delivered in a total-teenage-boy-foot-in-his-mouth way, not a snarky-I'm-insulting-you-with-my-wit-Logan-Echolls-way. She looked really tired with the bags under her eyes, he noticed and he was concerned. Note the non-snark in his voice when he said it. He wasn't trying to be mean, he was concerned. And even his reaction to her comment to him was good for LoVe.

He looked miserable -- and no, it had nothing to do with the Pink Pastel, that's been made plenty clear. He was miserable because things were softening between them, that attraction was clearly still there on both sides, the snark was back to flirty banter and they were actually acknowledging their relationship. Now, all of a sudden, lo and behold, she's back to being a total bitch to him (again, I understand, I'm not peeved at all! Lack of sleep and lack of make-out time with Logan Echolls -- which she'd so recently been reminded of) can make a girl cranky!) and he was just hurt. Poor baby.

Still, it's good. Logan clearly is opening up again to Veronica if he could show that hurt from her comment and Veronica may actually start thinking about Logan and her treatment of him based on Wallace's defense. Wallace! Her BFF, perennially (but for a completely dropped storyline to deal with Percy Daggs III non-full-22-episode contract status) on her side and loyal to a fault, defending Logan Echolls! What is the world coming to? Hmm, maybe something good. Maybe the shocker of that (get yer minds out of the gutter!) will get her to start seeing Logan in a better light. And that can't be anything but good.
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