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Icon me (snagged from butterfly)

I saw this on butterfly's lj (snagged from haro) and since I adore all of my icons, I wanted to do it.

Default Icon:

I wanted to pick something for my default that I would always love and not be part of a fandom that might disappear in a few years, so I decided to stick with a fandom I've loved since I was in my early teens. This is my favorite still from Gone with the Wind -- despite the fact that stupid Scarlet has a dagguerotype of Ashley in her lap, it's still sweepingly romantic looking.

Oldest Icon:

This is actually the second icon I made (the first I don't use any more) and it's Logan/Veronica from my favorite season one episode of Veronica Mars ("Ruskie Business"). I have such fond memories of LoVe still and this episode and this moment, so I'll probably keep this one for a long, long while.

Newest Icon:

Rusty!!! I've followed quite a few shows closely enough that I knew who the show-runners were, but Russell T Davies is the first one who I unabashedly love. I agree with almost every decision he made with new Who, and those that I would have differently, I understand the logistics behind why it didn't happen. I just wanted an icon to express my Rusty-love.

Saddest Icon:

Hah, I actually thought as I was scrolling through my icons: Hmm, I really don't have any sad icons. And then I thought of this one and, yeah, hah! This was when I first really began to get into Doctor Who and I wanted an icon that represented Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose for me and since these were made shortly after the end of series two, not surprisingly, I went with the most recent, strongest image for Ten/Rose: The Doctor and Rose's agony over being separated.

Happiest Icon:

I'm going with a few for these because I actually have plenty o' happy ones and I can't decide between them.

The first is my standard, Ah, the world is good! happy icon, non-fandom-specific. The second is Julianne Hough and Apolo Anton Ohno from Dancing with the Stars at the end of a routine and they are both just so grinning and beaming and happy, it just is so, so happy! The third is Nine and Rose, look at those smiles!! SO HAPPY!

Angriest Icon:

I made this icon from Logan (Jason Dohring) in Veronica Mars' "Lord of the Bling" episode because I was infuriated with another VM episode and wanted to express my anger using Logan. However, it's not a very pretty shot of him, so I figured I'd use it once for that post and never again. HAH! I use this one A LOT; it's great for ranting posts (which happened A LOT during season two and three of VM) and Logan's angry face was so perfect. (The text comes from a play on the jury-duty episode, "One Angry Veronica," which was a play on Twelve Angry Men.)

Cutest Icon:

It's Billie and David dancing on set, goofing off between takes in their 50's get-up, and they're so cute!!!

Sexiest Icon:

I love the framing/cutting of the first one: Jason's lower pouty lip, his lips slightly open, his pose, what you can see of his open shirt. Yeah, I love this one. I'd give second place to this sole icon I have of David. I'm very in the minority of the Who fandom in that I actually don't think that David Tennant is hot or sexy or anything (I think he's beautiful, lovely, cute, dorky, adorable, but yeah, sexy? No. I know, I know, but that's just how it is for me), BUT, I love this still of him from Casanova and I think he DOES look sexy here.

Most Humorous Icon:

I don't do the humorous icons, really. This one is actually my only one, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. Hee!

Favourite Ship Icon:

Sigh, I just ADORE the light and airy quality of this, their smiles. It's just so Doctor/Rose. I love it so. And, the second, because I had to give Ten some love too ... This is one of the easiest icons I ever made. I just threw one of the cropped pics on top of the other and did some different layer effects and voila! I just love it so.

Icon I Use the Most (apart from default):

Because there are still so many JE-posts/fic, etc. I pull this one out a lot because I like to match my icons to the person responding to me and many other people on my flist and such have icons of this kiss, so yeah, I probably use this one the most as of late.

Favourite Overall:

Right now, it's this one. I have to stop myself from using it for every post that's even remotely relates to Billie Piper, including like a zillion times in the same post.

How many icons do you have total?

On my lj account? 107. Saved on my computer of ones I once had up, but removed from my lj account due to the limited numbers as my fandoms changed? 255.

How many can you have?


If you could buy space for more, would you?

God, yes!

Do your icons make a statement about you?

Nah, just about which fandoms I'm into.

What fandom do you have the most icons out of?

Doctor Who - 24, if you include off-shoots from that (ie, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and, of course, Billie Piper) it's 33.

The second most?

Jason Dohring - 11

What ship do you have the most icons out of?

Doctor/Rose ... no question! (13)

How do you categorize your icons?

I generally just have a key-word based on the specific icon image or text, but for some reason I've been putting Dr Who - (whatever) in front of all of my Who icons. I'm not sure why.

Are your icons mostly made by other users?

No, I make all of my own icons.

Animated icons are..

Just not my thing. I can appreciate them, and have thought of making some, but nah, just not my thing.

In general, I think icons...

Are awesome!!!
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