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Einstein/Eddington, assorted other 'Who' actor-related stuffies

I *was* going to do the rewatch-review of "Bad Wolf" today, but blame David Tennant for the lack as I simply had to watch Einstein and Eddington. I figured I'd share my thoughts on it, as well as some Eccleston and Tate stuff I've watched as I go through my list of Eccleston, Piper, Tennant and Tate filmographies.

Einstein and Eddington - This was good; the acting was really, really good. David Tennant was, of course, fabulous. I love how tightly controlled, and yet passionate, his Eddington was. Andy Serkis was a magnificent Einstein and I've always loved Jim Broadbent and Jodhi May.

It shows how interesting it all was that I wasn't bored during the non-Eddington scenes, but still I couldn't help but smile every time the action cut to him just because, you know, it was David. I have to admit, though, not even remotely being a science girl I wasn't all that intrigued by it. It's cool and fabulous that there are minds out there like theirs, but I just am not one that can truly appreciate what they can do, so I wasn't as moved by the discoveries as I know I should have been.

I felt sorry for Eddington, such a good man, all prim and proper. A scientist, a Quaker, in the closet and a scientist who ended up forgotten pretty much by the world of science. Doubly sad when, if these events are based enough on truth and not with some poetic license added, if it weren't for him, Einstein may have never embarked on the correct path. Oh, and on a purely shallow note, I gotta say that I did love that during 99.9% of David's screen time, he was wearing glasses. I liked that a lot. So good show, I didn't think it was anything spectacular, but it was good and again, the acting was fantastic.

ETA: Hah, I forgot. I'm so bad, when Eddington and Einstein met at the end and shook hands and the camera went for a close-up? I totally laughed and shouted "handporn!"

The Catherine Tate Show - HI-larious for the most part. My favorite characters were Lauren (of course), the loud noise lady and the totally dim mall-info lady. I did not like Nan, whom I'm assuming based on the number of skits with her is a popular character. Ah well. Over all though, absolutely hilarious. I'm so getting series two.

Starter for Ten - Tate was barely in this, and frankly, I wasn't impressed with the overall story or characters. But she looked quite lovely and was very real and genuine in her role. It was just weird seeing her so sidelined as the "mom."

Lewis & Clark - Okay, I admit it. I didn't finish it. It was so boring. It was so much narration, and talking historian heads with shots of Eccleston acting out lectures and certain moments. Sorry. It was just boring.

A Price Above Rubies - Hah, I had written that I'd never watched it, but I had! That shows how lame I thought it was. I think my problem with it before (and now) was that as lacking in a conscious as Eccleston's character was, he was the only one who had any real chemistry with Renee Zellweger's character and I kinda wanted them to continue to get it on. He was an unfeeling, twisted lecherous jerk of the highest order, but still hot. Oh, and I was so amused by the fact that Zellweger's character's husband -- the ultra-religious, holy, good, good man -- was played by the actor who plays weasly, jerky, but hilarious Brian on Dirty Sexy Money. Hah.

The Seeker - Eh, it was okay. The thing I just couldn't let go of while watching this was, man, how come Eccleston couldn't have had hair like this on Who? That would have been awesome! Yeah, that tells you how lame the movie was.

ETA: Ah, I forgot the best part: In one scene, his character (Rider) goes to visit the Seeker and he's posing as a doctor, so we hear his voice and then hear the Seeker's mom say, "The Doctor's here." Hee! And when we see him, he's wearing a suit and glasses. Double hee!

Shallow Grave - This one was mostly as I remembered it; the only thing I forgot was how frickin' psychotic Eccleston's character got. Still, great, sick, twisted, hilarious, scary and creepy as hell movie. Gotta love Danny Boyle. And, SQUEE!!! Did you know that Eccleston and Ewan MacGregor will both be in the upcoming biopic, Amelia? Man, I hope they have scenes together. Will be awesome, and because of the past SG connection, the media might give a bit more notice to Eccleston than usual because it's a fun angle.
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