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Best. Survivor. Ever!!

Seriously, I am LOVING this season so, so, sooooooooooooo much. Yes, I loved the Aitu Four (and Ozzy, always Ozzy), but it was about watching them beat the annoying bigger tribe. I'm just all out loving just about every moment of this season. It is awesome.

Because of the blind-sides. Because of the smart plays. Because SUGAR is so frickin' awesome I think she's actually TIED with Ozzy now for my fave Survivor player ever. She is that frickin' awesome. She's smart, funny, adorable and is just AWESOME!!! And do you know who also is awesome? Bob. Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob! And having Bob and Sugar team up together in tonight's episode should have totally been THE highlight of the episode. Bob confiding in Sugar and ONLY Sugar; Sugar not telling anyone else. Bob and Sugar coming up with the brilliant plan to totally and completely and absolutely blindside Randy's plan. The fact that while Sugar warned Crystal and co. about the "funkiness" to come, she didn't spill. Another could-have-been highlight of the episode? Seeing Corrine lose yet ANOTHER ally. Hahahahaha! Couldn't have happened to a bigger bitch. Another potential highest of the highlights? Seeing the jury -- Charlie and Marcus, Corrine/Randy's compadres in arms -- cracking the hell up at the blindside of Randy.

Oh, yeah, that blindside? TOTAL HIGHLIGHT OF THE EPISODE! I was laughing so hard, I was damn-near crying. I was hootin' and hollarin' and just dang-near weeping at the entertainment in store. Oh, it was bliss.

- The smug, superior looks on Randy and Corrine's faces.
- The winks and 'we got this covered' looks towards Marcus and Charlie.
- Crystal's quite loud rant about her vote against Randy and how everyone could hear her and Ken, Susie, Sugar and the jury -- yeah, that would be Randy's allies again -- trying to not laugh out loud .
- Randy's proud walk up to Jeff with the admittedly AWESOME fake idol.
- Corrine and Randy realizing their fool-proof plan? Not so fool-proof.

All of it was sublime, but the best part was when Sugar just could not contain it any longer once Jeff said it was fake and she just busted up laughing. (First tribal council where Sugar did not cry. Wow, she REALLY did not like Randy.) Oh, man it was awesome. Just, just awesome.

And, lord help me, but I'm starting to like Crystal now. She's just cracking me up! I really do wonder if she was deliberately playing that game early on to make everyone underestimate her, and now she's letting Kenny be the ringleader which may help her come jury time. Who knows? I'll I know is that other than Corrine and Randy, I like or love everyone left in the game. Oh wait, strike that, or rather, him: Randy. Other than Corrine, I like or love everyone left in the game.

Speaking of ... I'm not even going to let the fact that Bob is (possibly) still working with Corrine thanks to next week's preview. I hope he's playing her thanks to another fabulous Sugar/Bob fast-one. Oh, it could be the bestest Survivor ever with a Sugar/Bob final two (yes, I think it could possibly top Yul/Ozzy ... an admittedly-near-insurmountable task). I know, I know the odds of it happening aren't high, but this season? Hell, it looks like anything could happen.

If this posts twice, sorry. My Firefox is being funky.
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