Arabian (arabian) wrote,

AHHHHH!! Journey's End Cut Scene

You know, you know, the coral one. Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Thanks to goldy_dollar for the linkage!)

Does it really say how much of a fangirl I am that the thing struck me the most was 'my gosh, Billie looks SO pretty!!' Yeah, I know.

I liked it. I think -- as per usual -- that the acting took away the lightness that some of us felt was there in just reading the script form of it, yet it still added a lighter tone to it all. I quite liked it and I wish they'd kept it in, because ...

(1) it gives us more Ten II being the Doctor and that's always a good thing
(2) Ten referring to Ten II as the Doctor
(3) Billie's gorgeous acting, just so, so damn lovely
(4) I LOVED the shot of Ten, Rose, Ten II looking towards Donna. It just was awesome looking.
(5) The bittersweet quality that helped it make more sense that Rose could let Ten go without a bigger fight because (a) this is obviously something he so very much wants to give her (b) this is something that she could never have dreamed of, but of course very much wants ... a full, complete life with the Doctor and (c) the belief that the Doctor won't be alone, he'll have Donna, his best friend and equal
(6) I DO love the line: The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler ... just as it should be. Awww. And the slight choked-up quality of how David says it? Kills me dead. But in a good way.
(7) Finally, not as important in my point of view, but knowing that it's flat-out canon that Ten II and Rose will have their own TARDIS to explore that universe would be marvelous.

Ah well. I wish it had stayed. I really, really do.
Tags: billie piper, david tennant, doctor who, doctor/rose, tv

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