Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Who/SDoaCG DVD & Showtime question?

So with this new job, I'll finally be able to buy the Who DVDs as well as SDoaCG in January, but the thing I want to know is are the episodes complete? I've watched the BBC/ITV versions of the shows, not the US airing on Sci-Fi (which I know cut minutes from Who), nor Showtime's airing of SDoaCG. So I wanted to make sure ... are the episodes on the US Who DVDs (which has Sci-Fi listed on the box art work) the FULL episodes as aired on BBC as opposed to the edited Sci-Fi airings, and are the Showtime airings (thus what will be on the DVD) of SDoaCG the same as the ITV versions?

I just want to make sure I don't shell out the money for the DVDs and then not get the full episodes.

Thanks in advance! :D
Tags: doctor who, help, secret diary

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