Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Doctor Who - Children in Need, Xmas Special Preview!!!

Joining the chorus of joy and squee over the Doctor Who Children in Need special/Xmas preview thingie.

Oh, just a few comments ...

1. The Doctor looked so happy and blissful and joyful. Which was nice to see.
2. Brown suit. Yay.
3. Gorgeous music before it went into the carol. (Or is that Christmas music that I just did not recognize and not Gold's work?)
4. "Oi, just answer the question."
5. The zooming close-up, then "Who, me?"
6. "Doctor who?" (I always love those.)
7. The fact that Morrisey's Doctor said EXACTLY what Ten said when he showed up cracked me up.
8. Rosita? Really, Rusty? Of all of the female names on the planet, you pick Rosita?
9. The look that Ten sent Morrisey's Doctor after they both pointed the sonic screwdriver and said "Allon-sy."

All in all, just SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: You know in all of my moaning about series five under Moffat, I haven't forgotten, but I've rather let it the realization of it fall to the wayside that we still get five more Rusty episodes. YAY!
Tags: doctor who, russell t davies, tv

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