Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Quick bunch o' TV Thoughts

Quick TV thoughts, no really, they ARE quick! (Go me!) ...

Law & Order (No spoilers) - FABULOUS season-opener. Really, just kick-ass. I love this show so much. So, so, so much. And while I miss Jesse L. Martin, I've always loved Anthony Anderson and he's doing great. Just great, great season opener. And the last line was AWESOME!!! (I wouldn't be surprised if they did dub two versions of it, though. Still awesome.)

TheAmazing Race (No spoilers) - I enjoy this, of course, simply because it IS The Amazing Race, but other than liking Toni/Dallas, I don't really care about any team, so I don't really care who wins. I just know that I don't want the Frats or Sarah/Terrence to win. And while I do like Toni/Dallas (I know you love 'em, Gerrie), I don't like *like* them. I dunno, it's been the least I'm-involved-in-emotionally TAR ever. Oh well. I still do enjoy it.

Cold Case - Eh, worst episode of the season so far. But on the good side, it reminded me of HOW GOOD this season has otherwise been because this episode? Was pretty much what MOST of last season was like. Very hum-drum, predictable (as soon as I saw Greg Evigan, I KNEW that he was the killer) and not emotionally engaging. Oh, and question? Does anyone know/remember who/what the case is that Lilly was looking into? I don't recall that at all.

HIMYM - I love this show. The episode was hilarious, all five characters individually and together were awesome, great, fabulous, etc. Ted/Robin ... yeah, there was a vibe, but I don't care. I TRUST Carter and Bays. I truly do and I know that whatever happens, it will make sense and be right.

And I'm thrilled to say that even if I don't get "OHMYGODSandcastlesintheSand" squee-worthy Barney/Robin, or even a tenth of that, I still love this show. I just do not expect to be disappointed by it. Ever. Hasn't happened yet.

Terminator - DAMN! This show is so FRICKING GOOD!!!!!!! And Cameron/John are hot. Riley isn't annoying anymore. Sarah is breaking my heart to bits. The time cards, the overlapping, the different angles in the different overlaps, the (literal!) Mexican stand-off. JUST. FRICKING. AWESOME!

Prison Break - I've said it before and I'll say it again: I think this season is ROCKING! Seriously, best season so far, even better than season one. I'm just loving every episode, everything is spinning and working together so nicely. Brad's death was a shocker last week, and I like how it was handled. I just think that if this is their last season (as it really should be), they are going out beautifully. Ooh, and the reveal that the secretary is an agent? Well played, show. Well played. I did NOT see that coming.

DwtS - Yay, Julianne is back next week. So, yay, Cody was saved. Yay, for Lacey and Benji. Double yay for for Julianne and Derek. Triple yay because Julianne and Derek were picked as the pros. Yay, yay, yays all around!!!!!

The Mentalist (No spoilers) - Good show; it's not earth-shattering, it's not obsessive; it's not appointment television, it's just good and enjoyable. Same as usual.

Eli Stone - I do love this show, but I'm worried about what's going to happen with Eli and Maggie, but I'm still hopeful that things are good, and on the right wavelength. I like all of the characters, and I think they are using them all correctly. And ::sniff,sniff: when Maggie said, "I love you, Eli." Oh, it was so sad. Also, I LOVED -- even if it led to Maggie joining Posner/Klein -- that Maggie was SO honest with Eli. LOVED. IT. (Still don't like her hairstyle though. Go back to the stylish bob, Julie! PRETTY PLEASE!)
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