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'Life' is picked up for a FULL SEASON!! WOOHOO!!

I admit that I'm not loving Life as much as I did last season,

1. I like Donal Logue a lot. I will always heart him if for no other reason than the fact that he was awesomely in (and produced) the criminally unappreciated, canceled Knights of Prosperity. But ... this flirtation storyline with Dani is NOT working. It's just not. Number one, they have ZERO chemistry. Number two, I don't buy for a second that Reese would kiss him, let alone date him. Number three, if they wanted to give me a reason, they could have, Reese's self-destructive ways coming to the fore again because of what's going on with daddy-dearest. I'm not seeing that angle as of yet (maybe a teeny spark, but not enough) and so I'm NOT enjoying this thing developing with them.

2. Again, with the liking Donal Logue, but I loved Robin Weigert as the Lieutenant from last season. Yes, it made sense why she was demoted, but seeing her again a few episodes back just made me miss her all the more. Keep Logue, fine, I do like him, but drop the romantic angle with Reese, and bring back Weigert as just another cop on a regular basis so that we can have her back.

3. I miss Dani's look from season one. Compare the first to the second:

Yes, I know that they are just promotional shots to sell the show, and yes, there are a couple of shots from season one promotion that show her in a white tank only as well, BUT, on the show the Dani Reese we saw was the one we saw in the above season one image. The Dani Reese we are seeing this season, while not as overtly sexual as the one we see above, it's a lot closer. Her hair is always down, blowing in the breeze, carefully curled and styled, with auburn highlights now. Her shirts are always unbuttoned a few extra buttons. In season one, she looked like a very attractive woman on the force who toned down her beauty, this season she looks like an actress pretending to be a woman on the force but making sure that her hair, make-up and wardrobe make the most of her beauty.

It's annoying; she was plenty gorgeous without the overkill AND in character and a helluva lot more believable. It's a disservice to Sarah Shahi and the character created in season one.

Speaking of that character: Can we please get back to dealing with Reese and all of her emotional fuck-ups? I think it's coming, we've had small signs here and there -- and hey, maybe the Reese/Lieut stuff IS going to be shown to be indicative of that -- but we're not seeing ENOUGH, and in the meantime, Shahi is mostly just standing around, reacting to Crews and the Lieut. She's a much better actress than that and deserves more.

3. Jessy Schram. Sigh. I said about her casting in my write-up of the premiere:

I don't mind that the oh so annoying Jessy Schram is on this show. Yes, yes, it helps that she looks nothing like she did as Hannah on VM, but still, I'm okay with it because I trust this show so much and know that they knew what they were doing when they cast her.

Alas, while she still looks NOTHING like Hannah (man, what a darker haircolor, style and a few pounds does to change a person's appearance), she's still a craptastic actress and her role was pretty hefty in the last episode. And she did not disappoint in her expected-to-be-lame-ass disappointment. Sigh. I want the Rachel storyline done and over, I want her character to leave, I don't want to have to deal with fucking Jessy Schram. SHE CAN NOT ACT and she is ANNOYING!!!!!!!

4. I like Adam Arkin; I like Ted, but more and more, he feels just shoe-horned in to justify his presence.

5. Bring more of the quirk back. And fruit. We need more fruit.

Still, I love Damian Lewis, I love Charlie, I love Reese, I do like the chemistry between Charlie and his ex (and I understand the motivation behind that story), and I love the overall quirk of the show. I just want less re-tooling, and more of the perfection of season one, still I do believe it can safely be said that I still LOVE this show overall because when I read this: NBC has given a full season order to detective drama "Life," my reaction was:

AAAAH!HH!H!H!H!H!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of joy.

So woohoo to a full season of Life, and hopefully they get all their ducks in a row crackling again.
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