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20 October 2008 @ 10:29 pm
HIMYM (Fabulous) and T:SCC (Whaddya know? Another Fabulous)  
HIMYM is just getting better and better. A few specifics for this episode ...

I'm so glad that Stella/Ted has been completely to rest (that different shot of the kids on the couch pretty much cleared that, thank goodness!). I also liked how it was done. I think I was surprised by the ending only in that based on Ted's voice-over and a couple of comments I've read, I was *supposed* to be surprised by Stella choosing to be with Tony. To me -- and this may come from all of my soap watching, and over-the-top couple analysis through the years -- it was crystal-clear as day that all of her comments were about not just the possibility of Ted and Robin (which I do think was part of her concern), but also her and Tony. All of those clues that Ted flashed back to in the VO were ones I had noted. So, yeah, not surprised by the denouement, just by the fact that I think I was supposed to be surprised.

Barney and Robin. I liked what we got in this episode. Barney's white-board of how to get Robin back in bed cracked my shit up! Seriously, I was laughing so hard. And I didn't note it, but someone saw that on the board was "Be myself?" and then it was crossed out almost immediately. Oh, Barney. I like that Robin is still on his mind because it shows that he's trying to bury the idea that he has true feelings for her, but it's not working, she's still on his mind. So he's doing the next best thing, he's trying to make it all about sex so that he can still be the cool, confident Barney. So Barney, so in character.

As for Robin ... I think her big speech to Ted about there still being something there wasn't about Ted at all, but, oh heck, I'm just going to quote allthingsholy from the barneyrobin community:
I feel like those feelings aren't genuine and aren't what she really wants, they're just her lashing out to the last time she was in love. And she realizes that she is not opposed to "something more" (just like Barney) and connects that with Ted, however ridiculous.
And her going to Barney? I rather think it's like what Barney is doing. She clearly went to him, intending on getting drunk, intending on staying with him, thus, yeah, intending to have sex with him again. And she set it up that way, including using the alcohol as her excuse for the next morning. So, I think it was her way of doing something about Barney-related feelings (and this is the first sign that we've gotten that Robin *DOES* have Barney-related feelings) without actually acknowledging that they are honest-to-God feelings.

But for the fact that she DID go there with the booze ready as an excuse, I'm glad that it didn't happen (even if I felt so for Barney as she walked away) because it would have put us right back at square one. Or even square negative one or two or ten. When they hook up again, it should be an honest coming together, not one based on essentially 'how do I get Robin/Barney in bed without it appearing to have anything to do with actual romantic-based feelings?!'

Random comments ...

- My favorite moment went to Lilly trying to pretend and then just 'whatever-ing' because she so does not that Ted called Robin his best girl friend.

- I LOVED what Robin said to Ted about his stepping into someone else's wedding, someone's else house, etc. and how that was not the big, totally romantic Ted that IS Ted. I was nodding during the whole thing and when she was done, I said aloud: "It's true."

- Hee to the one, two, three recoils of horror from Marshall, Lily and Barney at the wedding place.

Bottom-line, great show again, show. I love ya!

So, Terminator. I thought this one was slow and meandering at first, but by the end I was completely drawn in (as generally happens with this show). At first when Derek said he saw his mother kill a man, I thought, oh I was wrong. I had gone on and on about how sure I was that John was the one who killed the guy in this post. See?
Speaking of John, erm, stepping up. Anyone (everyone?) else think that John was the one who killed Sarkissian? I totally expected a flashback ala the Derek killing Andy reveal. Maybe in an episode or two. Cuz based on the end of this episode and the preview, John is a tad screwed up in the head right now. And I don't think the berserker Cameron is all that put him there.

I don't know if I would have been so quick to jump to that belief had I not just rewatched s1. There was this bit in the last (or second to last, but I think it was last) episode where John and Derek specifically talked about the fact that Sarah's never actually killed anyone. And since they did not know or expect that ep 9 would be the season finale, it makes perfect sense that the info was put in there to lead up to what happens here with Sarkissian. I just think we would have had a much bigger reaction from Sarah had she been the one to kill him. Whereas we had her asking him several times if he were okay from a clearly emotional standpoint. And we had the deliberate bit where he said she may want to talk about it, but he doesn't, so they won't ... and THEN she said fine, let's talk about Cameron, meaning whatever he didn't want to talk about that happened at the house wasn't Cameron. And nothing different than they're used to had happened at the house from what we saw to have such an effect on him ... thus, he killed Sarkissian. I'll be really shocked if it turns out he didn't.
And then I recalled as the show continued, 'wait, Derek wasn't there? Right?' And then we got the final reveal that, indeed, it WAS John who killed Sarkissian. Good job, show. I would have been disappointed had it been Sarah because I feel that wouldn't have been true to what I saw so clearly in that episode as stated above.

Random thoughts ...

- Not enough Cameron, but, I still coulda done without so much of the fighting with the other Terminator. It just went on too long, I think. Still, Summer kicks ass. My favorite Cameron moment was this exchange:
John: Are they friend or foe?
Cameron: Skynet doesn't have any friends.
John (Frustrated): Whatever is the opposite of foe.
Cameron (After a moment's thought): Friend.
Hee, I love Cameron.

- Man, when Catherine Weaver asked the therapist to help with her AI project and *then* the camera angled in on the hiding place where the bug no longer sat, I actually sat up straighter and groaned. Man, oh man, if they'd just heard that! Arrggghhh!! But it made total sense why the bug was gone. Great job in setting up that series of events, all in character, all perfectly timed and executed, show. Good job.

- Erm, not so good? Damn, were Derek and Jesse B-O-R-I-N-G! Yes, the actress playing Jesse is quite, quite beautiful and Brian Austin Green is surprisingly (to me) hot, but the two of them had about as much chemistry as a block of ice. Just NADA there and so I didn't care what was going on with them. I know the BAG-enthusiasts on my list will disagree (hi, harper47), but I think the producers *may* have made a mistake in making him a full-cast member. I felt like this was an attempt to give him a storyline, instead of growing organically out of the plot. However, I love this show, so I'm willing to give it some leeway and see if I'm proven wrong. Very likely.

- Oh, and I don't care what anyone else says, I think that Shirley Manson is doing a great acting job here. She's supposed to be cold and stiff and unapproachable. Clearly that's the character. All of the scenes with her "daughter" were fabulous. And then the chilly smile after "cow's blood" was just perfect.

Overall, again, good show.

ETA: And yay, super-yay! to the fact that Fox actually ordered a full season for the show. Woohoo!! Let's just hope they actually air it all now.

Not getting to Prison Break tonight, and I still have Brothers & Sisters from last night, The Eleventh Hour from the night before, the last two episodes of Boston Legal AND I didn't get to the rewatch-review of "The Doctor Dances" (Doctor Who). Not to mention the three -- count 'em, THREE -- episodes of Dexter, Four -- count 'em, FOUR! -- episodes of Gossip Girl (okay, I'm going to zip through those as I actually won't watch every scene, but still ...) sitting on my computer. (Heck, I'm three episodes behind on Merlin and I'm almost thinking I should just give that one up. Sigh.)

The baptism ceremony of my two nephews and niece (my sister joined a new church, Episcopalian, they really like it, so thus the baptism ceremony) really ate so much of my weekend time up. It was worth it, though, I loved all of the family time, but man, is my tv-watching schedule hurting from it. Sigh.
Brandy: what i get for skimming the evitebrandyleigh on October 21st, 2008 03:59 am (UTC)
ITA with you on HIMYM. Before tonight, I would've assumed that Ted would break up with Stella, not the other way around, but as soon as Stella started talking about how she waited so long for her ex to want to get married and he never did, it was like a big flashing neon sign shouting that Stella wasn't over her ex.

So he's doing the next best thing, he's trying to make it all about sex so that he can still be the cool, confident Barney. So Barney, so in character.
Yeah, I kinda loved that.

So, I think it was her way of doing something about Barney-related feelings (and this is the first sign that we've gotten that Robin *DOES* have Barney-related feelings) without actually acknowledging that they are honest-to-God feelings.
I hadn't really thought about it like that, but that does make sense. I have wondered how she feels about that time they slept together - if she really doesn't feel anything for him beyond physical attraction, or if it's just that she doesn't think he'd ever be interested in anything other than being a booty call, so she just dismisses it entirely.

As for Robin ... I think her big speech to Ted about there still being something there wasn't about Ted at all
Agreed- I think she was also reeling from having quit her job, and she's probably thinking about where her life is headed, and whether or not she maybe wants marriage/kids/whatever rather than adventure and traveling the world, since Japan didn't work out.
Arabian: Brotparabian on October 21st, 2008 01:18 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I didn't really think of how they would break up, I just wanted them to break up, period. So I'm glad Stella is gone. YAY!

I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who saw the Robin scene this way because all I'm reading anywhere is people saying 'Oh, Barney, you screwed up!' with no one really looking into Robin's motivation.
harper47harper47 on October 21st, 2008 02:40 pm (UTC)
Skipping Terminator

I agree wholeheartedly with your posts re Mother. I really did enjoy the show last night and you're right in your analysis of why Robin getting together with Barney would have hurt their relationship. But I still wanted it! Hee!
tinkabell007: Dr. Horribletinkabell007 on October 21st, 2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
I'm so relieved that the Stella/Ted storyline is finally over!! I loved the speech Robin gave to Ted!! And man, yet he still didn't see the wrongness in his action and all the rush in getting married way too quickly. So, I'm glad, that Stella was the one "ending it".

I also loved the shot at the end, when one by one, all of Ted's friends showed up, read the letter, and stood by his side. Even Barney showed his support. :)
eolivet on October 21st, 2008 07:06 pm (UTC)
Totally agree about HIMYM's soapy ending -- I think they could've done without the flashbacks to Stella's speech...all you had to do was see her and her ex to remember what she said.

I was hoping for more funny, but it was still well-done. :)
Juliafairnymph on January 2nd, 2009 11:36 pm (UTC)
Shirley Manson is an awesome addition to the show and I also agree that BAG and beautiful girl have zero chemistry. I also sort of want to kill her.