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A couple more rounds of the icon meme

I'm combining shinyopals's and takethewords's picks (although she had a six-picker meme).

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

Note: I make all of my own icons, so thus the lack of credit to, erm, anyone else in that regard. Also, some of these are repeats.

shinyopals chose ...

#1 I adore both Donna and Rose and one of the reasons that I was REALLY was looking forward to Rose's reappearance on Who was because I imagined there would be a multitude of Donna/Rose icon-possibilities. Sigh. Boy, was I wrong. This was really the only scene where the two of them were facing the camera or looking enough in a way that you could see both of their faces to recognize them and even then, there weren't very good facial expressions for good, fun, icon-ing (not to mention that Donna looked haggard as all hell because of the aspect of the story). Still, I did my best, grabbed a cap that was usable and added some pretty rose-tinted texture and threw their names on there simply because I wanted to see their names together. Not a favorite, but damnit, it's Rose and Donna and we just don't have that many options. Grrrr.

#2 I have a "default" Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose icon that was essentially the first one I felt I HAD to make for them. For Nine/Rose it just had to be this -- the two of them in the final scene of "The End of the World." The smiles, the closeness, it just so beams and smiles of all that is beautiful and wonderful and perfect about Nine and Rose. I added the two hearts because for those who know that the Doctor has two hearts, they get that it's about Rose bringing those hearts back to life with her presence, and for those who don't (pretty much those who don't deeply watch Who), it just symbolizes the light, bouncy love between these two individuals. I added a bright, happy texture to it to it along with a lens flare to really make it radiate with light.

#3 After getting soooooooo into Who, I decided I wanted an icon for Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant (yes, shockingly, I was NOT into Billie enough at the time to even bother with one for her. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!). I went looking for shots of them NOT Who-related and I just fell in love with this promo shot of David (from Casanova). I just softened it with a pale, creamy texture and let his utter gorgeousness in the shot speak for itself. It's now my standard pretty please do [fill in the blank] icon in Who-related posts because really how can any Ten fan deny those puppy-dog eyes?

#4 This is my second favorite shot EVER of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson for X-Files press (if anyone's curious -- this is my favorite) and when the XF movie news came out, I had to celebrate by making an MSR icon, and I just could not find the morgue shot, but THIS one showed up and I thought: "YES!" I did nothing but crop, resize and brighten the image a bit.

#5 This is Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring, the male equivalent to Billie Piper for me) from Veronica Mars, in a widely icon-ed, capped, vidded shot from the 1.08 episode, "Lord of the Bling." It's just such a smarmy, sarcastic, sooooooooo Logan shot, and is my perfect all-purpose 'peace, dude' icon. Loves it! Just cropping, no fancy stuff, other than the text which I wanted to really stand out.

takethewords chose ...

#1 I rarely do the cropping to just a section of the face pics, but this one just screamed for it. It's a great shot of Logan (again, Jason Dohring) from the fourth episode of Veronica Mars season three, "Charlie Don't Surf." I muted the image a bit to show Logan's sadness and it's a good, 'I'm depressed, life sucks' shot to use in general. Plus, Jason is pretty. And he angsts so very prettily.

#2 I'm not a die-hard Michael/Sara shipper by any stretch of imagination, but I enjoy them very much and I wanted an icon for when I talked about Prison Break and because I'm a couple-girl, I went for a couple shot. I just grabbed a pretty cap, lightened and then added a golden texture to warm it up for the extra fuzzies!

#3 I rewatched Batman Begins, and re-fell in love with Cillian Murphy and just needed to icon his uber, uber prettiness. In glasses. So I did. I used the green-golden texture because I thought it highlighted his prettiness and the angles of his face. The text was just added because really I wanted it pointed out that the sole purpose of this icon was to show off how Cillian was so pretty. It's also a good all-purpose icon for when I want to comment on a really pretty image (graphic, or picspam, etc.).

#4 I had one Barney/Robin icon, but I wanted one that had the BrOtop label on it. (For those who don't know, true fans of Barney/Robin call them "BrOtp" -- a play on OTP with the fact that Robin is a better "bro" to Barney than Ted (his best friend) is.) I liked the matching expressions and that they were sitting next to one another. Obviously, I made this one before the hanky-panky with them happened because now I could get a MUCH better cap to illustrate my point. As for the two hearts, well, if you noticed on my Nine/Rose icon above ... I REALLY like that graphic.

#5 I mentioned above that I have a "default" icon for Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose, well, the Ten/Rose icon is an anguished one of the two from the end of "Doomsday." So when I began to REALLY get into Ten/Rose almost as much as Nine/Rose, damnit, I wanted a happy icon and not just the icon of depression that at the time was the only one I had to represent them. I've always ADORED the final scene with them in "The Christmas Invasion," because they look so happy and young and in love (and there really great shots for good icon-age), so yeah, I went with that. I added the lens flare because I liked how it added the "stars" bit which works well with their TARDIS travels. I added an orangey-golden texture to give it the warm, toasty feeling that I generally get watching this scene.

#6 This actually came about from a (still mostly unfinished) wallpaper I was working on that featured both Doctors (Nine and Ten) with Rose. Although, I haven't finished the wallpaper (I want to add screencaps to it), this section is done. I loved how this image of Nine against the white background fit so perfectly with this shot of Rose and Ten. Looking at it one day I decided it would make an awesome icon for when I was discussing both Nine and Ten with Rose, as well as an appropriate icon to show my (almost) equal solidarity for Rose with both Nine or Ten. As for the rainbow, glowy background, it just fit. Kinda vortex-y looking. Erm, kinda.
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