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Five Icon Meme

I got this from fid_gin.

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

Note: I make all of my own icons, so thus the lack of credit to, erm, anyone else in that regard.

Her icon choices

#1 This is my default icon and it is so because I've been a Gone with the Wind fan -- both book and movie -- ever since I was in my early teens. And this shot, more than any other is my absolute favorite still from the entire film. Despite knowing that she's hiding a daguerreotype of Ashley in her lap, it just so encapsulates their relationship to me: Rhett absolutely adoring Scarlett, and Scarlet enjoying that adoration, liking the man, but too damn bull-headed to see that he's the perfect man for her as opposed to her dream of Ashley. I actually did very little work with this image other than resizing and changing the clarity and contrast a bit.

#2 I don't even know why I went looking for this. I think I wanted a silly, happy, innocent image and I typed in happy or something in google images and this was one of the images that popped up. I saw it, grinned automatically, fell in love, and knew this was it. So I snagged it, resized it, added the Kermit green border and it was done. It's now my all-purpose, happy, happy icon for any fandom that doesn't have an existing happy, happy, joy, joy icon (yes, I have a few of those for specific fandoms).

#3 This actually came about from a (still mostly unfinished) wallpaper I was working on that featured both Doctors (Nine and Ten) with Rose. Although, I haven't finished the wallpaper (I want to add screencaps to it), this section is done. I loved how this image of Nine against the white background fit so perfectly with this shot of Rose and Ten. Looking at it one day I decided it would make an awesome icon for when I was discussing both Nine and Ten with Rose, as well as an appropriate icon to show my (almost) equal solidarity for Rose with both Nine or Ten. As for the rainbow, glowy background, it just fit. Kinda vortex-y looking. Erm, kinda.

#4 When the second season of So You Think You Can Dance rolled around, I decided to watch it and was now on LJ, however, I didn't have an icon that would fit the dancing theme and since I would also be watching Dancing with the Stars, I decided to remedy that. I love the song "Dance of the Cucumber" from Veggie Tales and decided to do a riff on that. So I went searching for a picture of a dancing cucumber, found this image by Roberto Mangosi and loved it at first glance. So I grabbed it, resized it, did some texturing, threw the Spanish for "Dancing Cucumber" (as the song is partially in Spanish) on there and made sure to keep Mangosi's name credited on the icon. So now it's my fall-to dancing icon.

#5 I just wanted a default "help" icon. I may eventually grab some fandom related one (if anyone has a Hannah/Belle, Rose, Ten, Nine or Donna image that would work, please feel free to pimp them here), because admittedly this one is rather, uhm, low-key. It's just my all-purpose, 'Eek! I need help, please!!' icon.

So there you go!
Tags: graphics, meme

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