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More Thursday Night viewing ...

So I finally got around to watching more of my Thursday shows (I still have Eleventh Hour -- yes, I watch that too. Rufus Sewell is still pretty and I like Marley Shelton. Oh, I'm two behind on My Name is Earl now! Eeek, how did that happen? I do still enjoy the show).

Anyhoo, So, second episode of Life on Mars -- yeah, the ratings dropped. Sigh. I hope they hold steady next week because I really do enjoy this show. Jason O'Mara is wonderful, he and Harvey Keitel have a fabulous chemistry and the hate-hate relationship between he and Michael Imperoli's character is awesome.

I will admit that I'm kinda bummed that they're pushing the whole "I love Maya" so much bit because (a) I don't really like Lisa Bonet, and (b) I don't think the two actors have any spark. But you know who does spark with O'Mara? Tanya Fischer, the actress who plays Windy, who sadly IMDB tells me is not in any other episodes so far. Waaah! Together, those two were just lovely. There was a joyful grace about their scenes, and the final dancing scene with them literally had me grinning with joy.

Great episode again, I really am enjoying this.

Oh, and on a related note, well, related to Life on Mars, HEE!! Apparently, in the premiere episode -- I missed this -- but it came out that Sam's mother's name is Rose. As in, wait for it ... Rose Tyler. Wait again. It gets better. Apparently, the BBC LoM creater couldn't come up with a last name for Sam, and so his daughter suggested Tyler. And the punchline? She's a Doctor Who fan who picked Tyler because of ... Rose Tyler. SQUEE!!! So I've now fanwanked that Sam Tyler is the child of Rose and TenII from the alternate universe and he's the age he is because when Ten dropped Rose and TenII (and Jackie) back on Pete's World, he got the date wrong and it was however many years ago Sam's age is. Uh huh. What? It's Who, and Life on Mars, crack abounds!!! And dude, the Doctor would totally take Rose's last name. Totally.

(Yes, I realizes that this means that Pete would still have his alternative Jackie and their kid wouldn't be born, but honestly, there is absolutely no basis in reality for this so I don't care. I want Sam Tyler to be the offspring of Rose and the Doctor. So there. My crack fanwanking.)


Aww, I loved this episode of The Office for the final two scenes alone. That Michael *got* (I think) that Jan saw that something there and thus was being her vindictive self because God forbid Michael have a shot at happiness. That Holly *got* what Michael was doing and didn't judge ... oh, oh, ohhhhh! That Michael went to Holly and just hugged her and she hugged him back and they both teared up and he asked her out and she said yes and then Michael felt something when he hugged her. Oh, it was just ... oh, Michael. It was just lovely.

And then Jim and Pam. I am NOT a Jim/Pam shipper. I like them, but I've been more into Michael/Jan, Ryan/Kelly and now Michael/Holly than I've ever been into Jim and Pam, but I loved how they did the engagement a few weeks ago and the final scene with them was just the squishiest, most adorable, most lovely, sweet thing EVER! I bet there's fanfic for when the two hear each other's voice mails and see, no, they really are totally in sync. It was just, again lovely.

Yay The Office!
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