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'Plan B' LoVe Thoughts -- There are A' Plenty!

Before I go into detailed scene analysis, I'm going to offer a little introductory analysis regarding Logan's previous relationship. In my opinion, all but the final scene between Logan and Hannah played as if, yes, Logan cared about Hannah as a person, felt guilty about using her, appreciated like nobody's business that she cared about him and believed in him, enjoyed the making out (he's a teenage guy) and was motivated strongly by the idea of someone good actually caring about him/standing up for him. However, I did not believe ever that he actually liked liked her, fell for her, take your euphemism.

I excluded that final scene because that did play out that way, but I simply can do nothing but discount it. First of all, as the scene was written there was simply no way for Jason Dohring to add any layers, subtext, etc. I won't go into detail or into a Rob Thomas rant here, just suffice it to say that I think the reason that it was written as such is because that final scene was his way of sticking it to the LoVe fans one last time (hopefully). And I believe that because it contradicted every scene before that DID play as I described Logan's feelings above and then taking into account this week's episode, even more confirmed that, no, he did not like like her, fall for her, take your euphemism.

Scene One: He's a Winner!

Ah, once again the overt LoVe-joy that is derived from this scene all comes from Logan, but ah, ah, ah, we do have some subtle moments of (oh, let's call a spade a spade) fanwanking that can be applied to Veronica. First off, we must acknowledge Logan's complete lack of mourning over the Pink Pastel. First we have his Cheshire-grinning, snarky self about the essay. And then we've got the gaggle of girls (all acting like Hannah clones) hanging all over him and here is Logan, basking in it like the aforementioned Cheshire basking in the sun. And along comes Veronica. And here comes Logan, grinning at her, broadly hinting that she should ask him out on a date, sidestepping with a grin her accusation and in one final moment in which Logan is a crowning citizen of Hannah-who? land, our dear boy, still doing his Cheshire grin, takes a moment to look Veronica up and down, head to toe in a decidedly appreciative way.

As for Miss Mars ... clearly that essay was several pages long. Just as clearly it was single-spaced. And just as clear as the last just as clearly was the fact that Veronica couldn't have read more than a few lines or lightly skimmed a paragraph. With that clarity in mind, being able to quote a few lines from a film that Logan is obviously fond of that also appear in his essay, in no way offers the snap-quick analysis that Logan plagiarized the paper. Because really, several pages, single-spaced typed, there is no way an entire paper can be written in such a way that plagiarizes a film. So, with that said, we go to 'Fanwanking Your Way to LoVe 101:' Veronica just wanted an excuse to walk up to Logan, be near him, talk to him, and exchange some snappy, arousing repartee. Because that there was the single, weakest accusation that Veronica Mars has ever come up with ... in regards to Logan, yes but also in regards to anyone any other time. Seriously? Several pages, single-spaced, seconds of reading and she comes up with plagiarism? Nah. She just longed to be close to him.

And then there was the one final bit that is perhaps fanwanking, but I think is only on the edge and is not quite a stretch of imagination: Veronica remembering the dialogue to Logan's afore-mentioned film regarded with fondness. Not only do we have Veronica actually reciting the film's dialogue, which can be seen as her noting its importance because of Logan's love for it, but we have -- and this is big! -- Veronica actually acknowledging that she and Logan dated!! YES! For the first time this season, Veronica spoke to Logan about a couple-thing they did as a couple. It's a miracle. And one to which I'm ever grateful for because it means that mound of straw is indeed becoming a mound.

One more note: The film that Veronica mentioned was Easy Rider and, as any consistent viewer knows, that was the film that Logan watched with the Pink Pastel. If Logan dear was even remotely heart sore for the girl, wouldn't we have seen, oh, even the slightest smidgen of pain cross his face when Veronica brought up what would be a fairly recent fond memory of their time together? Yes, he would. But he didn't. Because he didn't truly like her. It was all about the fantasy of having a normal relationship with a sweet girl who gosh darn't liked him for him, not the sweet girl herself.

Scene Two: What Logan Can Do

Yeah, totally -- this witty repartee/gentle snark is so verbal foreplay with them. SO verbal foreplay. It's like they have this rhythm going, beginning with Logan doing that smooth turn whilst walking upon hearing the voice of his lady love. And then the side by side gait, shoulders brushing, quips falling one on top of the other, the smiles, the flirty eyes. It is just pure poetry to behold. Sexy poetry. Because if I haven't mentioned this recently -- and I haven't because there hasn't been much cause -- these two have incredibly good chemistry. Walking, talking, quipping and snarking, they are the essence of cool, sexy heat. Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring are just so exceptionally in synch when working together, it's dazzling. (And we haven't even gotten ahead of myself yet with the you know what!)

Sigh, but all good things must end. Once Veronica grabs the keys and Logan informs her of her pest-like quality, things get serious and the fun and games are over because Veronica gets her proverbial foot up the proverbial ass of LoVely snarkage. Oh, Veronica.

And oh, Logan! It wasn't the nicest comment ever, but this hysterical, gentle snark must go near the top of my favorite not-so-nice LoVe banter ever.
    Logan: Once something stops being important to me, my memory gets a little fuzz -- (Looks away and then back at Veronica.) -- wait, who are you?
Again, yeah, it was so not the nicest, but it was damn funny and more importantly (for the LoVe analysis), it was delivered without bitterness or malice of any kind (plus, we totally know he was lying. Veronica remains ever important to him). Anyhoo, I think the gentle snarking here is a good thing; it's yet another sign of a softening between the two. A couple of months ago, Logan wouldn't have made a comment like that to her without being a total asshole in the delivery. Now, they (and he) are back to the gentle snark. This is a good thing, indeed.

Another interesting little touch is that right after Veronica (finally) gives Logan back his keys, he presses them to his mouth, like so:

What's interesting about this -- and possibly LoVe-friendly -- is that this is not a common gesture. We all have noted the many Logan-specific gestures/actions that Jason Dohring has given this character. While no doubt he's done this before it is not by any means a signature Logan move. Therefore, I'm going to attest (yes, once more taking a page from 'Fanwanking Your Way to LoVe 101') that Logan chose (subconsciously) to press those keys to his lips at that moment because Veronica had just been fondling them. Uh huh.

Also, it's a stretch, but it is possible that that Logan's way of shelling out his remembrance of the witness that night was another form of flirting, LoVe-style. He waited to give her all of the information, even walking away because he wanted to leave her hanging and thinking she'd be disappointed before, uh oh, turning around (in another sexy, smooth move) and offering up some satisfaction. Oh yes, Logan gave her something to make her happy. Uh huh, he loves her.

And going back to that whole in synch thing, at the top of the scene, Logan threw his keys in the air and Veronica handily caught them. At the close of the scene, Veronica threw his keys back up in the air and Logan handily caught them. See? In synch. They're made for each other.

Scene Three: The Stakeout

Ah, the subtext here is utterly delicious and proved indelibly once and for all for me that the Pink Pastel was just some flitter-fly-away fantasy of what Logan Echolls could never really want, but instead be someone he just thought he should want because she wasn't a bitch (see Lilly, Caitlin, Veronica, Kendall, you get the drift). Let's begin with Logan's opening salvo while the staking-out.
    Logan: So this is a stake-out. They're sexier in the movies.
Now if you're a female watching this show, chances are in the high percentile that your mind immediately went to doing something sexy on a stake-out with Logan Echolls. Whatcha wanna bet that Veronica's brain went the same place? Uh huh. So after a few moments of silence, Miss Mars attempted to remind her ex that, hey, shouldn't he be hung up on someone about now by oh so subtly asking if he'd heard from the Pink Pastel. His response? Oh, his glorious response. Well, it was about as blasé as they come. Honestly, the only way he could have shown an even greater lack of interest would have been had he actually said "Hannah who?" Honestly. I kid you not. So, so, sooo not into her.

Ah, but it gets better! Instead of just dropping it, Veronica continues with the reminder of the relationship by bringing up what doctor daddy dearest did in retaliation (which led to the cute little 'bad boy' high-five-age!). Now, her continued prodding of his time spent with the pre-schooler leads me to believe that Veronica was once again trying to convince herself that Logan was in mourning, so that she could comfortably sit next to him and not think naughty thoughts. See, if he was actually into someone else, she would think only pure and noble thoughts because otherwise that would make her the slut that Mac clearly thinks she is. (Silly Veronica, it's Logan. He's pretty. You're only human. We understand.)

Alas, poor Veronica, Logan does not help. For what does he do? Why he brings up Veronica's father -- which brings up the fact that they dated, reminding her of that fact. Yeah, one-track mind there, Logan and it's all about the Veronica. Because he loves her. And so naughty thoughts would have totally started running rampant through Veronica's mind which would have led to sexual tension galore and then they would have jumped each other and the stake-out would have been sexy indeed. Erm, but that didn't happen.

Stupid witness showing up. Damn him!

Sigh. Anyhoo, so (stupid) witness showed up and Logan and Veronica hopped out of the LeBaron (and how cute did Logan look all big and cramped in there ala many a fanfic?) and here comes the next best part of this scene. Remember that in synch, sexy cool rhythm I mentioned above, well, we get to see it in action again. Just like clockwork, the two play off of each other, beautifully playing Mr. (stupid) Witness. Well, okay, maybe not beautifully because Mr. (stupid) Witness doesn't cooperate. But, but, but, Logan and Veronica still are totally perfectly suited to do this investigating, manipulating, stuff together. They are just so perfect for one another. Veronica, wake up! Smell the sexy stake-out possibilities?!?!


Scene Four: Left Longing

Before we get into the meat (as it were) of this scene, it must be noted that Veronica commented to Charlie, that "we all want the bad boys." And who did Miss Veronica officially declare a bad boy the night before? Why, Logan Echolls. Uh huh. And who did the camera jump to very shortly thereafter? Why, Logan Echolls. Yes, indeedy.

And upon landing upon the beauteous Logan, we got a little more Love. Halfway through this scene (right before it does another goofy, camera twist), viewers see Logan staring longingly towards his left and I think it's quite a safe assumption that he was looking at Veronica. Firstly, the preceding shot had Veronica in the area of the gym where Logan was looking. Secondly, as mentioned, there was a look of longing on that boy's face that we've seen associated with his love for Veronica and Veronica only.

Finally, and what makes it most likely that Logan was indeed looking toward Veronica is that he did so right after Gia commented that "it would be even cooler to have a date." And remember, Logan had hinted quite broadly that he wanted Veronica to ask him to the dance at the beginning of the episode. So, Logan looking towards Veronica with longing. Score one more for the lack of remembrance of the Pink Pastel which leads towards proving the theory that he wasn't really into her at all.

Continuing with this splash of scenes, when it jumps back to Logan and Gia once more, the girl is beginning to truly annoy the crap out of him. At what point during the conversation when Logan is looking straight at Gia and attempting to get her to get it!, you can see Veronica walking by them and watching Logan. So, (1) she was watching Logan. Squee. (2) She was paying attention to what was going on and knows him well enough that he was gonna eventually blow, which lends more motive behind her later actions.

Scene Five: The Dance

This scene, like The Kiss, relies on body language and facial expression to an astonishing degree. Despite the lack of dialogue it is crystal-clear what thoughts are running through Logan's mind and while we don't get as much clarity from Veronica (what else is new?), we still do get a fairly good read on her. But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I commented in the scene above that Veronica took note of Gia annoying Logan earlier in the evening. Therefore, Veronica did have more than just the few seconds caught here to realize how close Logan was to just letting it rip. As much as I would like to believe that Veronica chose dancing with him as the method to keep him from Gia because secretly she wanted to dance with him, I don't think that's the case.

I believe that Veronica has completely convinced herself that she is over Logan, she doesn't still care, she isn't jealous, he doesn't get to her, etc. If she truly thought differently, she never would have put herself in the position that she did: In close, romantic proximity to one Logan Echolls. The fact that she did do so shows that the girl has skills of self-delusion like nobody's business.

As they moved to the dance floor, Logan made his little quip and then just stood there, even going so far as to put his hands in his pocket. From that line:
    Logan: When I dreamed of this moment, "I've Had the Time of My Life" was always playing.
to his lack of push in starting the dance, I truly believe that Logan expected her to walk away. He certainly didn't expect her to actually dance with him. And here is where that unspoken dialogue began.

We could absolutely read that lack of expectation in his facial expression. And throughout the entire dance, we continued getting that running commentary from both of them. Veronica's slight hesitation before she completely put her arms around Logan's neck; Logan's shock that Veronica was actually dancing with him. And then their gazes locking on one another, then pulling away, Logan leaning down just the slightest, coming thisclose to touching his forehead to hers before pulling up and once more looking away.

Then Veronica's eyes drifted back up to his face, their eyes meeting for a second and then one or the other looked away. Back and forth, up and down as they swayed to the music, as the couples swirled around them but didn't exist. There were moments where you could feel the almost desperate need that Logan had to kiss her before he would look away, look up and after those moments you could see a vulnerable hurt in his eyes. Not a hurt caused by Veronica, but a hurt that blossomed inside of him for wanting something he could no longer have. Something he once had. And lost.

And now it ... she is here, once more, in his arms. Their eyes met again
    I will not do it anymore
and this time, they held.
    I've always been a dreamer
    I've had my head among the clouds
    Now that I'm coming down
And then once more, Logan looked away, not able to ask (even through a song):
    Won't you be my solid ground?
It's going to take time. Logan hurt her, she hurt him and they've spent the last ten months emotionally tearing each other down just about every moment they've spent together. Neither one has allowed that the feelings are still there. It's been obvious that they are in Logan's case, but he hasn't articulated those feelings to her -- except in jokes and taunts and those just don't count -- and he hasn't done so because he thought there was no hope. And that thought process was (as stated above) because Veronica had completely convinced herself that she was indeed over Logan, so much that she'd done a damn fine job of convincing Logan as well.

However, here under and outside the spotlight, surrounded by the soft strains of a love song, in each other's arms for the first time in almost a year, Veronica received a mighty, mighty wake-up call. She tried. She may have had her arms around him, but her fingers were clutching her own, not daring to touch the warmth of his skin, encircle his neck. And she certainly tried to avoid his heated gaze, little boy vulnerability wrapped up in a sexy bad boy glow. Ah, but the music, the moves, the boy ... how could she resist? She couldn't. And so by trying to stop a little verbal bloodshed, do a good deed, a whole can of worms burst forth.

After this moment, this dance, Veronica Mars can no longer delude herself. And Logan Echolls once more has hope. What happens next? Tune in. I know I will.
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