Arabian (arabian) wrote,

25 Teddy Bear Lane ... And Elephants! Oh My!

Thursday night (US) television viewing -- well, at least what I watched. (I'm sorry The Office and Life on Mars, tomorrow I eagerly await the opportunity to watch you.)

So, I LOVED the whole elephant bit. I really, really, REALLY did. In fact, other than watching Ozzy doing water challenges (and kicking his heels that one time), this was probably my favorite moment ever watching Survivor. Seriously. It was just so unique to this show and seeing how Matty and Ace and the rest of them (especially Matty) reacted to the moment was just marvelous. I loved it.

And I do love Matty, and Sugar. Totally Sugar. Man, if you'd told me my favorite BY FAR would be the pin-up model, I'da scoffed. But, she is awesome and I soooooooo thought she was getting voted out. I really did. So good job, editor-monkeys, you totally (and happily) fooled me. Yay! I also like Bob, and lordy somehow the curmudgeon that is Randy has managed to worm his way into my affections as well. How the heck did THAT happen?!?!

Yay, GC is gone. Woohoo!!! Oh, and randomly, did anyone else notice Marcus (!) fake-eating fruit off of Charlie's shoulder? Come on, Marcus, either you're secretly gay or bi-sexual or that's just cruel. Tsk, tsk. Uh, that's all.

Yeah, it's official. Ugly Betty is so back to season one glory. No, I still don't give flying fig newton about Hilda's storyline, but I loved how all three main storylines centered on a common theme that wasn't obvious (to me at least) until Betty verbalized it. Good job, show. Also, good job show in getting rid of Coach, DJ and Alexis all in one fell swoop, woohoo!

Great character moments for almost everyone, Gio is fabulous, and we had some lovely Betty/Daniel moments, my favorite being when Betty said that he made her look at a mole on his "lower back" but now there were boundaries? LOL! While I may not care about Hilda's story, I DID like the unpredictable nature of tonight. I totally expected some kind of farce, or slapstick-y situation with Betty suspected of being the other woman, so I loved how instead it was used as a way to wake Hilda up. (One quibble though was how she told Tony that she loved and lost someone and never got her second chance. Erm, uhm, yeah, you did. Cuz your first go-round with Santos resulted in Justin, the second go-round, ie, your second chance was when you hooked up years later.)

Still, all in all, loves!! My show is back. Yay!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: betty/daniel, survivor, tv, ugly betty

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