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SDoaCG -- Simply Irresistible

Okay, seriously? Is Billie Piper not THE cutest thing like ever!?!? I totally think she is. She's just so frickin' adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem, I just can't get over how damn good this show is. In 20 minutes, it manages to illicit so many responses from me. The acting, the writing, the direction, the overall everything is just so darn good. Although, I did catch an editing snafu. When Hannah is ready for work, she's wearing a blue shirt. When she is in the streets talking to the camera, the shirt is white. When she's at work, the shirt is blue again. Still, that's quite, quite a small foible when the rest of the product is so awesome.

You know, I was really expecting a lot more angst from this episode, but it was overall more comic than we've actually seen in a while. Most of it from Hannah and Billie's impeccable timing. (Seriously, this show would not be even a tenth as fantabulous as it is without Billie Piper's presence.) Just a few great gems ...
    "It's just ... you ruined my exit."
    "No, no, no, that was brilliant. Very good answer."

    "I won't touch you. Well, not unless you pay me."
    And then that utterly adorable laugh.
    "That's really inappropriate."
    "Yeah, I'm gonna go to bed."

    "See, this is why we should be together. I always think I'm dying; you always know I'm tired."
    "And late."
    "Late. Yeah, tired and late. You know me so well."
    (Seriously, this last was all in the delivery.)

    "Did you pull the plug out of the phone?"
    (Nods) "Mmmhmm. But only cuz I love you." (Again, delivery.)

    Then, of course, the whole "I love Alex" montage. HAHAHAHA!!! I was rolling. Then the "I quit."
Seriously, I would never have guessed that Billie Piper has pitch perfect comic timing. Ever! Was RTD unaware of this?! Is this why we never saw any overt comic stuff with Rose like we did with Donna (due to Catherine Tate's well-known amazing comic timing)? That is the only reason I can imagine that we didn't get stuff utilizing her comedic talent on Doctor Who.

And, yeah, there were still heartbreaking moments, of course. The not-dinner scene, followed by the not-sex (and the over-the-top gratuitous body double -- sigh, it's not funny anymore. ::rolls eyes::). The Ben/Hannah scenes, especially the latter. Speaking of Ben, I *was* glad to hear that he broke up with Vanessa because otherwise I was having none of him. First, sleeping with Hannah (not to mention being in love with her still), then getting it on with bar-girl, I was pissed off on poor unseen-Vanessa's behalf. So I'm glad he DID break up with her after he had sex with Hannah. Although, he should have done it much sooner.

Oh, and those final moments where Hannah said she was a crap friend. (Which she really isn't, it's more just the fact that Ben's in love with her and she's not in love with him and that's not her fault, or his. It just is.) I felt so for both Hannah and Ben, and poor Alex, caught in the middle and he's no clue how he got there or how to even remotely extricate himself. During that last scene, I was thinking: What an odd, unusual triangle. Because really it is a triangle, but not in a way I've ever seen presented before. I wonder which direction they'll go ... not just with the different angles within the three, but also really with Hannah and Alex. Because obviously she can't be with Alex if she's an escort, and obviously the show can't continue if she's not an escort, so how is the show going to work around this? Hmmm.

Finally, the last line was great, the self-realization that Hannah has the issues, not Belle. So where do we go from here? I can't wait to find out. Oh, I love this show, and I love Billie Piper and her awesomeness: Her talent, her beauty, her utter everything. So ... some screencaps:

Most adorable pout on a prostitute!

Oh, woe. Alex is breaking her heart all over again. Bad Alex, bad Alex!

He won't even stay in the apartment with her for a measly hour, and here are the waterworks. Billie cries so prettily.

Ah, a smile, even if it's a smile worn to cover the pain. Poor Hannah.

Loves it! The "But only cuz I love you" smile. Which, of course, fades to sadness ...


And see? (But pretty shots.)

Extreme Billie close-up and still as gorgeous as ever.

Random thoughts ...

- Ah, how preggers Billie looks. Really, really preggers.

- And speaking of preggers Billie and the body double shots I mentioned above, it's getting really bad now. They don't match very well. I mean, any of it. The first shot? Gah, the hair (especially the way the ends were cut) was so, so jarring. I immediately was like, "that's not Billie's hair." And then just the over-the-top nature of how they're showing "Hannah's" nudity now is jarring. Then, of course, technically, the cuts themselves are jarring and it just does not match at all. (Still not even remotely enough to take away from the overall awesome of the show.)

- I really expected Ben to spill about him and Hannah sleeping together not knowing that Alex was there, Alex would hear it and then take off in another stormy huff. Thank you, show, for once again not being predictable.

- Finally, you know, I kept thinking throughout the episode how could anyone resist her. Just look at her, I kept thinking and it hit me while doing the screencaps: RTD could not have chosen a better actress to believably play the love of a 900+-year-old's life, because Billie Piper is THAT irresistible.

Uh huh.
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