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'Eli Stone' Premiere Tonight!! EEE!!! (Also, 'The Mentalist' & DwtS)

For some reason I was convinced that Eli Stone was premiering tomorrow night. I have no idea why, I knew the date of the premiere and I knew definitively for two very specific reasons that today was the 14th of October, yet, I didn't realize the premiere was tonight. Duh!

Anyhoo, There was good and a wee bit of bad, well, not bad, just sad ... for me. I think I was right in what I lamented about in this post from yesterday about them pretty much dropping the Maggie/Eli angle. Anything between them was referenced only once at the beginning when the Fiduciary to God asked Eli how he was dealing with his feelings for Maggie, and his response was that he was dealing with it by having no feelings. And that was pretty much it. Yeah, he made the semi-crack about her wanting to get out of the wedding, but, really, it wasn't much at all.

I don't think they are completely dropping it, because, of course, they are going to keep that option open, but I think it's going to be on a very back-burner simmer. And that bums me out. If we had gotten one small thing towards the end, all of my fears would have pretty much dissipated, but no, no such luck. When Eli lost the case, we saw a profile shot of Eli and Taylor looking angry. On the corner of the screen, we saw Maggie's hand reach out to pat Eli's back. I said to myself, if it focuses on Maggie, if Eli turns to her, then it's still there. They are still pushing the Maggie/Eli agenda. Nada. Instead, the shot cut to Eli running up to Taylor as she walked away, Maggie quiet and unheard behind him, and the rest of the episode involved bonding moments of sorts between Eli and Taylor, with nary a shot or reference to Maggie again.

Yes, things might get better, but I'm not hopeful.

This bums me out on multiple levels. The main being, of course, duh! I want Maggie/Eli. The other being that I like Taylor with Dowd, and their relationship seemed so insignificant to any kind of plot development, therefore, no rooting value. Finally, the bottom line is that part of why I even considered Maggie/Eli in the first place is because Johnny Lee Miller and Natasha Henstridge have NO chemistry. Zilch, nada, zip. And it sure looks like they are keeping that on front-burner simmer.


Okay, wait, there was one other bad thing, well, it was more shallow, but still annoying. The wardrobe on both Taylor and Maggie was terrible, but not nearly as bad as the cover-girl, slightly 80's glossy shine make-up they were wearing. Seriously, what was the wardrobe/make-up department thinking!?!? Not to mention Julie Gonzalo's hair. I liked her long, blonde hair as Parker on Veronica Mars; I LOVED her hair first season of Eli Stone, the brunette bob (which is soooooo unlike me hair-wise, but it flattered her ridiculously). Now, her hair is this cross in between and it's terribly unflattering. Do. Not. Want.

Phew, moving onto the rest, ie, the good stuff. :D

I love Sigourney Weaver. She is awesome. So having her on here was fabulous!!! Woohoo!! I loved her first as the psychiatrist, and then loved her even more as the Fiduciary to God (HAH!). Every moment with her was golden. I love the dialogue on this show. It should be cheesy, but it skirts it just so and instead gets to me. I love Chen; nice callback to the first season and the accent reveal with the heavy Asian accent with the customer straight to the "Dude," once customer left and it was just Eli. Cool.

As for Nate ... man, when Nate got the vision. I was like "NO!!!!" It's Eli Stone, not Nate Stone. I like Nate and all, but the visions belong to Eli. I'm glad he's getting them back. As for him getting them back. Interesting that tack they used; I mean, if Eli is getting messages from God, couldn't God, you know, just give them to him? Why does there have to the aneurysm? It's like they want to keep open that slight, albeit, pretty much totally unbelievable at this point, option that the visions ARE from the aneurysm. Oh, and it just happens to be an aneurysm that jumps from sibling to sibling. Uh, okay. Still, I loved the dialogue in that scene -- pretty much every line -- between Eli and the Fiduciary to God that revealed all of this. Just fabulous writing, in my opinion.

Finally, Spydaddy! almost dying!! Man, when I saw Jordan walking into that bank and then the crane overhead, I literally put my hand over my mouth in shock. Of course, I knew he wasn't going to die -- it's SPYDADDY!!! -- but still, I wasn't expecting it to go there. And I like that, I like how this show takes twists and turns I don't expect.

ETA: Even though it wasn't real, I loved the opening musical number and I'm glad they managed to throw one in. Yay!! I love 'em so.

So, overall, good show. As for Maggie/Eli? Sigh. Alas, I just don't think there was even remotely a big enough response to them from viewership, and what was there, was negative for the most part, thus laying it low. Double sigh.

Preview for next week: Ugh! Not a Katie Holmes fan, never have been, never will be. Based on the preview, I'd think the reveal was that she was his and Nate's sister, but since it's "big-name" Katie Holmes, I doubt that highly, unless they'd just keep her recurring, but I still doubt it.

Also, yet again, a batch of previews that not only (a) completely ignores Maggie's existence on the show, and any Maggie/Eli connection, but (b) highlights Eli getting it on romantically. Sigh. Oh, my Maggie/Eli-lovin' heart is breaking.

Now, The Mentalist -- not nearly as much babbling. It's just a show I like, not one I adore. So, good episode again. I just like the show. And, ooh, President Logan!!! Maybe he'll be recurring? 'Twould be awesome.

Oh, Dancing with the Stars, I know why you gave Cloris those ridiculously inflated scores the night before. She's the only actual source of any kind of entertainment this season because my gosh, this is possibly THE most boring season ever. Even the couples I like, it's more on a meh scale. Should Rocco have gone? Yeah, but not before Cloris. But, of course, the judges gave her those scores to keep her around longer because although some may find her annoying, without her around, the show is deadly dull.

However, I DID get a kick out of those campaign ads, although the Brooke Burke vs. everyone pretty much just said, 'yeah, here's your disco ball, Brooke.' Two seasons in a row where you pretty much ordained the winner one week in and nothing after that has changed the mindset? B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Ah well, at least, I'm still enjoying Julianne and Lacey.
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