Arabian (arabian) wrote,

:Sniff, sniff: Eli and Maggie ...

I haven't read any definitive spoilers either way, but I just have this sad feeling that they *are* completely dropping the Maggie/Eli romance on Eli Stone. After all, he saved her fiance in the season finale, so that changes that aspect of history meaning that his vision of the two of them married with the baby (see icon!) might never happen. And that will suck! I DO love the show, but I really love Eli and Maggie. Damnit.

I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that I'm not. I understand nothing happening right away (what with her being engaged and all), I get that Eli will probably date other women and such (the promos with Katie Holmes (::shudder::) make that clear enough), and that Maggie will still have the fiance situation. But, but, but ... I hope we get hints, signs that Maggie and Eli are still the OTP of the show because I ♥ them so. I'll still watch the show if it's as good as it was last season, but a big spark of the joy I feel in it will be gone. Ah well, at least the way last season ended, I can just buy the first season DVD and it's fairly self-contained with the future vision giving me Eli/Maggie OTP.

Still, sigh, I hope I'm wrong, I really, really do.
Tags: eli stone, meli, tv

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