Arabian (arabian) wrote,

HIMYM - De - wait for it - Lightful!

I've enjoyed all of the HIMYM episode so far this season, but this one was AWESOME! By far the best of the bunch. I laughed throughout the whole thing.

The whole intervention stuff was fabulous. I loved how we got the recall of the James Bond movies and Lily and the accent, which we'd seen earlier at one of the interventions. I cracked up and literally clapped when first Marshall changed his mind about moving and Ted jumped for joy, and then Lily chimed in with "it's a dark pit where dreams go to die" and Ted jumped for joy, and then Robin caved about not going to Japan and they all cheered. It was fabulous.

Speaking of Robin ... she was great in this eppie. Her two intervention letters were hysterical. The Doctor Seuss-y hat rhyming one, and then the Ted-pronunciation thing (continuity!) one was great too. But my favorite part was when she talked about not writing a Stella letter because as the ex, it would be catty. And then casually added, "besides I'm hotter." And I agreed, because she so is.

I also loved the little Barney/Robin stuff we got. Her whispering in his ear about the drinking intervention was good, but the best part was the one year later, how not only were they sitting next to one another, not only did Robin link her arms with Barney's, but as everyone got up to leave, Barney kinda turned towards the table as if waiting for Robin to exit the booth as it faded to black. Hey, I'll take the little stuffies right now.

Ah, old-man Barney. Only Barney. And, dang, did NPH nail old-man Barney, or what?!?!

Overall, FABULOUS episode. It was legen- wait for it - dary!
Tags: brotp, himym, neil patrick harris

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