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'Cold Case' ... Just knocking it out of the park this season! (+ TAR)

I think this is the first time I've written a post where Cold Case was the main subject, but this season has just been stellar so far. I know it's only three episodes in, but I've teared up and shed a tear or two at each one and just found so very much to enjoy. It is so, so much better than the last two seasons. I don't know what kick-started them into gear, but they are just doing fabulous so far.

First of all, I totally called that it was Tracie Thoms' singing "This Little Light of Mine" about three words in. Of course, I adored the movie version of Rent and have the soundtrack, thus I've listened to her sing quite a bit. Still, it was nice getting that confirmation (as opposed to having to look it up online) with the final line being sung on screen by her.

Other than that ... random thoughts:

- I really, really love the prickly relationship between Miller (Thoms) and Vera (Jeremy Ratchford). I just wish that we'd gotten to see them in Mississippi together. That? Would have been a hoot. Always bickering over stealing food, messiness, etc., they are just great together. The two have great chemistry and I love when we see them partnered up because they just have this zinging back and forth. It's great.

- I was sketchy on Bobby Carnavale as Rush's love interest when he was introduced late last season, but I've found him charming and the slow, steady and subtle build of the relationship with Rush lovely. There was some really sweet chemistry between them in tonight's episode, and it's a shame that he's shipping out. I liked them.

- It was a small thing, but it's one of the things I like about this show -- the little character touches they add. The messy refrigerator ---> Vera being forced to buy all the tupperware ---> final scene with Vera showing the cleaned up refrigerator organized with the tupperware. Seriously, I laughed aloud and clapped. It was cute.

- Yes, they used "critter" again instead of the "n" word, but, frankly, I don't blame them. If they're going to cover this aspect of history (and they do it quite well, bringing to light past injustices), they have to deal with the fact that the "n" word was used in such a way at the time, but yet, in this day and age, they can't casually use it on an 8pm network show. Thus, they work around it. I don't hold it against them, or think less of them. They're still telling the story and telling it well.

- As almost always, the casting and musical choices were superb. I don't know (and doubt) if their music people ever get nominated for, let alone win, any Emmys for their work, but they should.

- I like that they've figured out that (a) having the big guest name be the killer, (b) having the first person they always interview be the killer (c) having the victim killed by being accidentally pushed down the stairs were wearing thin. We haven't seen any of the three yet this season. I know, I know, only three episodes in, but I believe that we had one or more of all three happen in the first three episodes of the last two seasons.

- Finally! Whee! John Finn (Lieutenant) directed this episode. Nice job.

I really enjoy this show, and I'm so glad I discovered it during its second season (and that I scrounged up all of the earlier episodes online). And I'm so very glad that it's doing such a great job so far this season. Yay!

The Amazing Race: I knew the second time the geeks talked about how well they were doing that they were doomed. Damnit! Why couldn't they have been the ones to re-read the clue earlier as opposed to Terrence and whatshername? Ugh. Can't stand those two, and I liked the geeks -- but, yeah, that was a total case of hubris. Totally. Ah well.

I still like the Southern Belles. Yes, I do. They're my favorite team, now. Yes, they mention using their looks, but more in a sunny, happy, matter-of-fact way that doesn't come across as vain. Plus, I love how they're happy, go-lucky-attitude DID get the band going with them faster. They have the right attitude and I just like them. I also like the mom/son team (Dallas and Toni), and Tina and Nick (?) are also surprising me. The other teams have ups and downs, and I'm either okay or merely meh on them, other than the annoying team whom I can't stand. You know, the ones who just *NOW* came into this unexpected realization that "OHNOES! We're in a race!!! Everyone is out for themselves!!" DUH!
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