Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Doctor Who' WWIII Two-Parter (Sigh) -- Spoilers

Well, I just finished the two-parter, World War III, and while I'm not hooked, I definitely, definitely am into this show. I was all verklempt when the Doctor was explaining that Rose was at risk and Rose told him to do it and he said (looking oh so intently at her), "I'll be saving everyone, but I could lose you." Sigh. Awww. It was lovely.

I'm finding surprisingly that I really like Jackie and Harriet Jones totally rocked. I'd love it if we saw her again. And I totally called that she was a future Prime Minister, but I'm glad that the Doctor added that she created Britain's Golden age. Awesome.

Good show. I'm very glad I decided to watch it. Woohoo!
Tags: christopher eccleston, doctor who, doctor/rose, tv

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