Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Terminator' gets 2 additional scripts ordered!!! Yay!!

On the heels of CBS' The Mentalist, which thus far is the TV season's biggest freshman hit, getting an order for a half-dozen additional scripts, two other new-ish series have received perhaps-significant votes of confidence.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, technically a second-year show but one still anxiously awaiting a back-nine order, has been given the go-ahead for two more scripts — this in the wake of increasing ratings in its fifth week.

Yay, I'm thrilled about this. Woohoo!! (And, a yay for The Mentalist too. It's such an enjoyable show, and I re-iterate to all on my flist, if you like Bones, you'll probably like this if for no reason beyond the two leads' relationship. And besides, Simon Baker, is dishy.
Tags: sarah conner chronicles, the mentalist, tv


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