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SDoaCG, episode six -- God, this show .... it kills me!!!

Oh, Hannah. And yes, I'm totally specifically addressing Hannah and not Belle at all.

As soon as she told Bambi that she thought having sex with a stranger would make her feel better, I had this feeling. And it just grew and grew as the scenes with Ben continued. Added to the fact that during the first half of the episode, nothing seemed to happen (yeah, yeah, the bondage and gun scene, but really, it was nothing with any consequences), I just KNEW that it was leading up exactly to what it led up to: Hannah using sex with a non-stranger (ie, her best friend, Ben) to feel better.

And I REALLY didn't want it to happen because I felt that if it did it would completely and absolutely sink the Hannan/Ben ship. And I think it did. Of course, we had Hannah earlier in the episode casually admit that she'd never been in love before Alex, so, yeah, we've got Ben still in love with Hannah after all these years, and she never even considered herself in love with him once upon at time? On top of that, she completely uses him sexually -- and NOT as Belle, but as Hannah -- to deal with her own pain. Just, ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch. And that final sorry? OUCHIE!!

Now, I'm not a die-hard Hannah/Ben shippper, or even a mild one, so this doesn't break my heart. I said in an earlier write-up that I *could* see myself shipping them, but after what has been really good with Hannah and Alex the first four and a half episodes of this series? I was leaning away from it. After this episode? Pretty much not gonna happen. I mean, it could, but it would take a lot to make it work for me and I don't think what I need could believably happen. And that would be me basically believing that Hannah will fall in love with Ben even half as much as he desperately is with her. I just can't see that happening if it hasn't happened yet. So, I think if I'm gonna ship anyone it would be Hannah/Alex (or Hannah/Christopher Eccleston- or David Tennant-played character to show up at a later date).

What I found most interesting character-wise is that this was the first episode where I didn't feel like we were seeing Belle at all. Yes, she didn't go through the sex in episode four, but prior to the actual (non) act, she was in full-Belle mode. Then last week, while with the paralyzed kid, she was Belle. This week, even when at the party, even before she realized "Prince Charming" was serious, she was Hannah, not Belle. I was thinking of the way Hannah described how she rather fell into prostitution in that she just liked having sex, and often with strangers. And that's what it felt like here: It was Hannah having sex with a stranger to dull the pain, not Belle ... and that's why she was so uncharacteristically out of control and needed Bambi (!!) to save her.

And, of course, through it all -- even OBVIOUSLY PREGGERS!! -- Billie Piper was (as is always) a goddess ... of acting, charisma and beauty. I ♥ her so. And, hey, speaking of beauty, how gorgeous did she look in some of those Rapunzel shots? Lookie:

So preview for next week!!! Several wowzas there, huh? The return of Alex! (Yay, Callum Blue!!) Hannah quitting whoring to get a real job. Ben getting the wake-up call and ending things with Hannah ... ::sniff, sniff:: (Although, the park bench scene suggests it doesn't take, unless it's before the breaking objects scene?) Finally, the final shot of Hannah telling Alex, "I'm gonna keep making mistakes until I do the one thing that makes you love me again!" Oh, Hannah! (And, shallow alert! I LOVE Billie's hair like that. She looks GORGEOUS!!! God, I'm so gay for her right now, LOL!)

And I can NOT believe I wrote this much about a 22-minute episode. Oy!
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