Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Doctor Who Confidential - 'Journey's End' Rose/TenII Caps

I was looking for them myself a while back but was having no luck as they were made by many a person, but were all scattered in different journals at the time. So I made my own; they're not the best quality as my version of DWC wasn't HQ, but they're decent, I think. I didn't bother uploading them because of that reason, but irishlullaby requested some of the kiss, so I thought, eh, I have them, why not?

If you'd prefer: Here's a downloadable zipfile of all twenty-one caps. (And it might be best to go this route, as my journal style weirdly cuts them off, but if you copy or save the image, you do get the full shot.)
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose, picspam, tv

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