Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Sunday/Monday TV thoughts

Quick television wrap-up of the last few days behind the cut.


- The Amazing Race continues to be very enjoyable this time around; I like more than a few teams and only despise Terrance. Good casting!! Yay.

- Cold Case is great this season so far; I know it's only two episodes in but the last two seasons had cases that got to me few and far between and I teared up with both the premiere and this episode, so good job. They're back to hitting the right notes, not being too obvious and having good song choices. I was especially pleased to see Reynaldo reading the GED booklet, it's little moments like that that are making these episodes.

- I'm not loving or meh about Brothers & Sisters this season, I like it, have moments of loving it, but it's just not a die-hard favorite anymore. I still adore the acting and the family dynamic, though.


- I just love this show. T:SCC has these little moments, arcs, characters building up, movement with reflection. I like watching all of the characters, all of their stories and how things tie together. I love when we get flashbacks, and I think the dialogue is generally really, really well done. I do wonder what the heck is going on with Cameron; she's definitely having issues.

- I have to admit, I'm getting a little frustrated about complaints about HIMYM when it's not Barney/Robin-heavy enough. I've loved this show from episode one, and as much as I do love Barney and Robin, the show is not about them, or even Barney -- as fabulous as Neil Patrick Harris is. It's about these five friends, Ted, the story of the mother, then the Barney stories, Robin stories, Lily/Marshall stories, etc., in that order. Just because Barney/Robin aren't heavily featured, I don't think it lowers the show or makes it less than. But I guess that's what comes from being a die-hard fan of the show first, as opposed to Barney/Robin, then the show.

With that said, I confess that I continue to dislike Stella. I really think it's Sarah Chalke. I didn't like her on Roseanne and I don't like her on this show. I think that I just like her as Elliot on Scrubs. In any other role those mannerisms that work for Elliot do NOT work for me. However, I'm not worried that she's the mother, we're getting week after week of how they are not right for each other in small (and big) ways. Honestly? I still want Victoria back. Sigh.

- I continue to really enjoy Prison Break this season and I'm happy that if they do get canceled at least they are going out on a great, grace note. Yay.

- I was actually a little disappointed in this episode of Life. It was okay, and there were moments I ADORED, but overall, it just felt disjointed. Still: "You broke the victim?" HAHA!!!! And one subpar episode is understandable when overall, this show still rocks amazingly.
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