Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Good TV last night, yay!!

I liked Ugly Betty last year, and I liked the season premiere, but not in an 'OHMYGOD! I love this show!!!' way as I did season one. Last night's episode felt closer to season one than the show has in a while. I liked Betty; I liked her resourcefullness; I liked most of what we got with the other characters and I LOVED that we got some Daniel/Betty stuff. That was missed a lot last season and it sucked!!! I'm totally fine with no Daniel/Betty now, but I'd like for them to be endgame and when we don't get those moments with them that show that, it's really frustrating. However, we got a plethora of them in this episode, so yay!

Not so yay? I'm finally going to bite the bullet and admit it: I don't like Hilda or the actress who plays her. She just annoys me. And in a storyline -- one in which I agree with Betty wholeheartedly, Hilda is wrong -- that gives me absolutely no reason to feel for her, I can now just flat-out say it. I don't like Hilda or how the actress plays her. Still, overall, good, good show and yay for the Betty/Daniel-ness of it!!

I think Survivor's doing good so far this year; I like it. My faves are Bob, Sugar and Matty; I don't like GC at all, and while I find Randy a smug, superior, assy tool, I have to admit that he's mostly right in his assessments. Everyone else -- although, Dan in his smart-dumbness is amusing -- I can take or leave, but, still, good show overall. I'm liking it this year.

Finally, Secret Diary of a Call Girl ... Oh. My. God! I love this so much. It's so very, very good. U.S. of A.? THIS is how you do great subtle, somewhat cheeky, real without inane, dramatic without being fake television. I feel so much for all the characters, the little moments are so perfectly crafted, the characters are so real, so damn real. And I just love Hannah/Belle, and Billie Piper is just utter perfection. All the actors are. I just can't rave enough about how good this show is!!

On shallow notes, man, I don't know if it would be that obvious if I didn't know it, but knowing it! It's so obvious that Billie is pregnant. And I'm also semi-amused by the in-your-face boob shots we've been getting this series when it's a body double as opposed to the barely there from series one when it was Billie. Oh, and a totally shallow quibble, but I much preferred the darker shade of her hair over this year's too brassy color.

Back to non-shallow. Once more for the road: I LOVE this show!!!
Tags: betty/daniel, billie piper, secret diary, survivor, tv, ugly betty

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