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Miscellaneous TV thoughts

Just a bunch of random TV thoughts on various shows behind the cut.

Shockingly enough a new show I like is actually doing REALLY well in the ratings. The Mentalist's second week barely dropped at all and it had about 15 million viewers, so yay! I really do enjoy this show and urge everyone to give it a shot. How I Met Your Mother is also doing pretty well in the ratings this year too. They are experiencing their best ratings this season so far, so double yay! Whether the Barney/Robin angle, Dr. Horrible or just Neil Patrick Harris' overall bigger presence, I do think it's quite a safe bet to say that the increase has to do in some way with NPH. Woohoo!!

On the flip side, I can't say anything good about my other shows. Terminator's ratings are basically a complete disaster. It will be lucky if they even film/air all of their 13 episode order. Sigh. I hope that they are at least able to wrap something up somehow. Damnit. I really love this show, but its ratings are just horrible, so no way it's sticking around much longer. Likewise, Prison Break will finish out its 13-episode order and then it's done. I think that's a shame, though, because other than the T-Bag scenes which feel too separate, I think this is the strongest season they've had. Oh well. Hopefully they too, like Terminator, will be able to wrap stuff up.

Also, Life isn't doing that hot. Double sigh. It only had the Monday airing so far, but I doubt they'll have better ratings on Friday night. It's really frustrating, especially in the case of Terminator and this show, because they are both so very, very good. Again, hopefully, they'll get some wrap-up opportunity.

The one good thing about Terminator going bye-bye sooner rather than later is that I'll be able to DVR DwtS on Monday night because I am having a hard time catching up with it in time and and am so behind in watching it. I did manage to watch most of the Monday dancing, and then the results show and THANK GOD! Kym went. She was dreadful. Yes, Cloris is awful also, but Kym was like dead weight out there. Just horrible. I still like Julianne/Cody, Lance/Lacey and Rocco/Karina, but it sure looks like a Toni/Alec and Derek/Brooke finale already. It's a shame because neither does ANYTHING for me. I think that Julianne/Cody have a shot at sneaking in there with his teenage fan-base, her fanbase, and his surprising skill, and then maybe DwtS can finally have their sibling vs sibling finale! OOH!!

Boston Legal FINALLY (in their fifth and final season) have the perfect cast. About damn time! And two episodes in, I gotta say, they are kicking ASS so far. Both episodes have been SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. Everything I love about this show has been on display and I'm really, really enjoying this season so far.

Die, Kenley, die!! Seriously, did she EVER stop and think that maybe the reason that she's had to fight so hard and against everyone her whole life is because she's such a rude, obnoxious, BITCH!?!?!? Lordy, is she awful? And considering we are getting reaction from EVERYONE on the show who relates to her, and almost every word out of her mouth is rude, obnoxious, self-deluded and bitchy, I doubt that it's the editing.

With that said, I do understand why all four are getting this chance, even her, because I am actually curious too to see what she comes up with, BUT I really, really, REALLY want her to get that close to BP and then NOT MAKE IT! Because I can not stand her. At all. Of the remaining three, I'm happy with anyone of them winning it with a preference for Jerell.

Dirty Sexy Money had a good premiere. I HATE Lisa's hair and continue to find her an annoying waste of space ... when she's not with Jeremy. They have chemistry and I like them; I also like Nick and Karen. They have chemistry too and I loved their moments in tonight's episode. I thought they did a really good job (better than actually had all last season) making them appear as the rooting-for, destined to be couple, without making either look like bad, bad people in the process. Of course, part of my point of view, no doubt, comes from the fact that I don't like Nick and Lisa, at all.

I was shocked by Ellen's death, and I'm confused as to why Karen gave daddy the swan. I hope that she's still playing Simon to some degree because I'd hate to think that he's playing her and she's completely clueless to it. Overall, it was good. Not great, but good.
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