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A Books They are A'Coming!

Well, a crapload of the books I put on hold at the library, as well as one DVD came in. Looking at the massive load, I'm quite happy that I'm a fast reader.


The Philadelphia Story

Jennifer Crusie

- Welcome to Temptation (Yay, Tracie! I did get this one!)
- Tell Me Lies

Janet Evanovich

- One for the Money
- Two for the Dough
- Three to Get Deadly
- High Five (Hee, LoVe!)
- Hot Six
- Seven-up
- Hard Eight
- To the Nines
- Ten Big Ones
- Visions of Sugar Plums

Victoria Thompson

- Murder on Astor Place (yes, the first one)

Pamela Morsi

- Wild Oats
- Sweetwood Bride

Carla Kelly

- Daughter of Fortune

Ian Rankin

- A Good Hanging
- Tooth and Nail
- Hide and Seek

Miscellaneous Books I Picked Out


- The Dante Club - Matthew Pearl
- The Murder Room - P.D. James
- Stealing with Style - Emyl Jenkins


- Stephanie Laurens (I've read her before and I like her, but sometimes her books are direct copies of well-known movies, but nowhere in the book does she acknowleged it's a rip-off and that bugs me, so I'm always wary of reading her.)

The Perfect Lover
A fine Passion

- Betina Krahn (Lovely author, I enjoy her immensely.)
The Books of Seven Delights

- Laura Kinsale (Bar none, my favorite author. When she does good, her books are magical, magnificent treats the like I've never read anywhere else or seen anyone else come close to. The following books are two of three -- the third didn't come in yet -- that didn't quite scale those heights. In fact, they were disappointments. But because it's Kinsale, I'm giving them another chance.)

The Dream Hunter
My Sweet Folly

- M.J. Putney (Otherwise known as Mary Jo Putney. I'm not quite sure why the initials here, but I generally like her work, so I'm giving it a go.)

Stolen Magic

Phew! Well, I will busy.
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