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Monday Night Television!!!

Just a quick run-down ...

A Cameron-specific episode?!?! Awesome. Not much "appeared" to happen in this one, but what was so awesome was how you could tell that there were a lot of threads being twisted and twined and laid out here, little keys adding up to the big key that would open some hefty doors. The biggest being possibly that Cameron is rogue all along and is meant to kill John at SOME point, OR, that she was "fixed" somehow.

Overall, Summer Glau was just amazing as always; and Busy Phillips is really great in her role. I'm liking her a lot, but dude, Sarah why the hell would you promise to stick around long-term?!!? Seriously. Don't care. Sarah's Sarah. I don't even care that BAG wasn't in this one. I love this show.

I liked the episode. It wasn't OHYMYGOD!amazing, but I laughed aloud quite a bit. Regis was funny, Robin was funny, and Marshall's poetry about the burger was great, but then Lily snarking that he had to do their wedding vows from online just killed. There were a lot of small little moments, like Regis' picture being at EVERY single burger joint we saw them try which was a nice continuity nod to later finding out that Regis was looking for the burger too. The underpants gag in Corner Bistro. The constant "member FDIC," the fact that we heard an AAAHHH! version of the GNB song in the background when Barney pointed out where they could get money.

And, on a non-little note, but still subtle, I loved that we got to see such a sweet part to Barney again: The fact that he was doing all of the GNB-pimping FOR Marshall. Awwww!!!!

Like the rest of this season, things are building very nicely. I admit I'm a bit bored by T-Bag's subplot and I just want him to get in with the rest at this point, but other than that, I'm really liking this season. It's been a lot of fun and I hope that this breezy feel stays for the whole season.

I love this show. Seriously. When an actress I formerly despised doesn't make me stop watching or even be disgusted, you know I love this show. Charlie is great; Reese is great, I miss the old boss but it actually makes sense why they have a new one, and ever since Knights of Prosperity, it will take a LOT to make me not love Donal Logue, so I'm happy with new boss. Of course, I'm just happy when Life is on ... because I love this show so much.

Gossip Girl and Dancing with the Stars later as those are download-city for me now.
Tags: himym, life, prison break, sarah conner chronicles, tv

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