Arabian (arabian) wrote,

New layout (yay!), but I have a few questions ...

Does anyone know how I can get rid of my journal title OFF of the pretty Billie header I made? 'Tis very annoying. Thank you to alexiscartwheel!

Also, for some reason there is just the slightest bit of space between bg2 and the header image on the left side and I'm not sure why. I thought I might have put an extra space in when I uploaded the images to my account (as opposed to just using grrliz's uploaded images) and then put those urls in, so I redid it, just pasting her direct code in and the same thing happened.

Well, it's sorta fixed, by removing the nav strip, it's mostly fixed, but the top part above the header is still a bit crooked with the bottom part. Oh well.

Any help would still be mucho appreciated. (I accidentally deleted this entry when I went to edit it last time. Oy, so sorry alexiscartwheel, you really did help!)

So, you like my header?!
Tags: billie piper, graphics, help

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