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28 September 2008 @ 08:27 am
'Journey's End' cut scene  
Saw this at thistwilight's journal and it confirmed my belief about something in the finale, so yay!




    ROSE: You never did finish that sentence, did you?

    THE DOCTOR: What sentence...?

    ROSE (smiles): Like you don't know. Last time I saw you. On Bad Wolf Bay. You said, 'Rose Tyler...'

    THE DOCTOR...isn't it cold?

    ROSE: Come on. Properly.

    THE DOCTOR: Does it need saying?

    ROSE: Yeah.

    (Pause. Sad smile between them).

    Then, just as quiet

    DAVROS: Such intimacy. So different from the Doctor I once knew.
I like this just because it proves my belief that Ten was just NOT willing to say the words and that it had nothing to do with him being "bad cop" to Ten II's "good cop" in their last scene at Bad Wolf Bay as some have suggested. I had no problem with the idea of how Rusty ended the Rose arc (the execution? Yeah, I had some quibbles, but the idea of it was great). Talking specifically about the final scene, I loved how it was played out that Rose was confused about the whole situation, still fighting to be with Ten because he was the man she loved before that moment when it was made perfectly clear that she could never truly have the man that she loved fully if he was the full-Time Lord.

That bit of the scene, a section played so beautifully by the Tennant, was easily my favorite part of the entire episode. I loved it because it conveyed so much about how the two Doctors were the same, and yet different and how that allowed Rose to make her choice without thought. How each Doctor answered Rose's question was all the telling that Rose needed to make her decision, spontaneous though it was.

Ten even then couldn't say the words because of who he was, how he lived, his rules, etc., but Ten II could say the words because he had that bit of human in him, enough to know that, yeah, it needed saying. And because he could say the words, Rose was able to throw down her guard and grab the man and kiss him. And Tennant was wonderful at conveying Ten seeing that, taking in that Ten II could say and do things to and with Rose that he never could, because this Doctor -- the full Time Lord -- wasn't meant to have that kind of life. But Ten II -- the half Time-Lord/half-Human -- could.

And this small snippet above just helped confirm that belief for me. So, on one hand, yeah, I would have LOVED the inclusion of this scene, but also, I'm not sure how it would have played out during the context of the scene above without making Rose look quite, quite selfish to non-die-hard-Rose fans for thinking of their *relationship* in the middle of the destruction of the universe. Still, I'm glad I know about it now because, again, it helped confirm my own take on it.
Arabian: David & Billie Dancingarabian on September 29th, 2008 01:22 pm (UTC)
She's so good at being real while being another person. That's like... the purest essence of what acting is and she's just brilliant at it.

Yuppers! In the last rewatch-review I did of FD, I wrote this about her: It seems such a simple thing, but many actors -- no matter how good they are -- are incapable of pulling off what Piper does so effortlessly, scene after scene, episode after episode: Being so real, so very believable.

the chemistry between the actors carries a lot (much like David and Catherine's chemistry makes SitL/FotD almost tolerable).

Just their scenes though. Honestly, I think it's Catherine that is the only watchable aspect of those eps. If she's in the scene, it almost worked. Without her? Blechs-ville!

Chris and Billie play all their scenes awesomely.

Like I'm gonna argue with that, LOL!

"Yeah, but I think that was just Rose and what she did for him because we saw him getting better, happier towards the end of s1 and that just continued through series2. I don't think he was really hit with the angst-o-rama again the way he was pre-Rose until post-Rose."

Oh, yeah, definitely. Rose getting torn away from him was that scab getting scrapped off, leaving raw skin behind that needed to restart the healing process all over again.

Very true. We got to see Nine angsting through the first-half of s1, but we didn't get to the Ten angsting until TRB and then it lastly on and off for the whole following season and it still hasn't quite healed. Oh, Doctor.