Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' - I LOVES it!!

Yeah, so it's official. I love Billie Piper. Obviously I'm a fan of her work on Doctor Who, and I love her music too. Well, tonight I sat down and watched every episode of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and ... (spoilers behind the cut)

No seriously, isn't she just adorable? Aside from Billie, I actually do really enjoy the show. The writing, the camera work, the talking to the camera, the casting, all of it, I just love. And the best of all is Billie. She's just amazing. She makes you feel so much, everything that her character is going through. She makes you relate for goodness' sake. I mean, when she called and left the message for Ben that she'd made it as a courtesan, I actually clapped for her before realizing what I was clapping for, LOL! I just care about the character because Billie Piper makes me care. And, my God, she is so BLOODY GORGEOUS!!! How can a person be that gorgeous?! It's not fair!!!

Anyhoo, I just love her, love her, love her, love the show and now am REALLY looking forward to watching everything else she's done that I can get my hands on because it wasn't just Rose that I fell in love with, clearly. It was Piper's portrayal of Rose that got to me so.

As for the show, I just think it's really well-done. And funny! I did NOT expect humor, but it's there, and in large part due to Billie's awesome comic timing. She's just brilliant. And, being me, of course, I'm sorta shipping Hannah and Ben, but then I also really like Hannah and Alex too (although, part of that is admittedly because (a) I like Callum Blue and (b) I get a little kick every time she refers to him as a doctor). I'll just see where it goes and agonizingly wait week after week now instead of watching it all in one fell swoop. Sigh.
Tags: billie piper, reviews, secret diary, tv

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