Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Billie Piper is GORGEOUS!

Yeah, I know, understatement and a bit of 'duh!' for those already in the know, but dang! I was looking through a bunch of Billie pictures and it just kept hitting me anew. She. is. so. gorgeous. In a very atypical way, though. She's got the super strong jaw, the impossible-to-miss-overbite, angular features, and while she has moments of just looking lovely, sometimes pretty or beautiful, mostly and overall, she's too striking, too strong for those adjectives. She's just utterly and completely gorgeous. Just wow. So, I thought, picspam-time!!!

This is a captured screenshot from Who, so not dolled up or photoshopped at all, but that smile, those eyes ... she's practically incandescent.

So soft, but because of that strength in her features, lovely or pretty is too mild a term to describe her face. The fire in those eyes, the passion that just exudes its own life force from her.

This one of those that just show how she smiles just not with her mouth, big grins, etc., but with her whole face. She just looks like a visual definition of a burst of mirth waiting to happen.

A photo still from "The Impossible Planet," so again, no photoshopping here, just Billie looking drop-dead gorgeous.

A sexy shot. And Billie's one of the few actresses I've seen who's able to fully and completely pull off the 'I am sexy, here me roar!'s shoots without looking like she's trying too hard. She just is.

I adore this shot so much. It's so simple, and her beauty is so effortless, and yet so striking at the same time.

Nice, smiley, happy shot of her. I love her smile. She doesn't smile; she beams.

Even with her strong features, she is still able to pull back and offer photographers these amazing subtle shots so artistic in their beauty.

Another subtle, yet artistic shot that is so soft, yet so strong and striking.

Who doesn't love this Marie Claire photo shoot? She looks AMAZINGLY gorgeous in every shot from this shoot. And, personally, it's my favorite hairstyle on her ever.

Another Marie Claire shot -- honestly, I could have just grabbed every one released from that shoot to make my case.

So much depth; even in still photos you can see a story, feel an emotion because she's that good at conveying a mood.

Another dolled-up, sexy shot. And she looks fabulous!

And another one, this from the Arena magazine shoot. I could have easily grabbed any shot to prove the so strikingly sexy it'll kill you look she can convey, but this one is my favorite from the bunch.

Finally, going back a bit to a younger photo shoot, but even then she still had it. Just gorgeous.

Anyone have any other favorite Billie pics to add? I'd love to see more!
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