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Dancing with the Stars Premiere Week

Because of all of the TV conflicts on Monday night, I didn't get to watch the first show until today, and thus the following nights had to wait as well. I wrote up my thoughts as the show aired, so I didn't jump ahead and spoil myself.

Night 1

Julianne/Cody - JULIANNE!!!!!!!!! I love Julianne. Must get that out of the way first. Go Julianne! Okay, I actually thought he did better than I expected. He wasn't great, but I see potential and I thought they were cute. Was his attitude a little off-putting? Yes, but he's a kid, I forgive it.

Karina/Rocco - I love him. And I thought the first part of it was lovely, he looked light on his feet and just entrancing ... and then he started thinking his way through it and it just kinda fell apart. But I hope his looks and charm get him through a bit because I think he could be great. Plus, I thought that he and Karina had a nice chemistry.

Alec/Toni - I like Alec. Hmm, she was the best technically so far, but there was no passion. It was kinda boring actually, and they didn't have much chemistry.

Cheryl/Maurice - Did I read that Cheryl put on a little weight? She looks great, just a bit more of her. Uhm, I just watched this thinking: Cheryl, what crack did you just choreograph!?!? The choreography was awful. He was okay, but the choreography was baaaad.

Derek/Brooke - There were some good parts, but overall, that was a hot mess. And, uhm, if she's gonna have great lines with great leg extension, uhm, why was she in pants, Derek? Unimpressed. Sorry. (I don't know what crack the judges were smoking, or maybe it was just me.)

Inna/Ted - I've actually been a Ted McGinley fan for awhile, so I'm already on his side. And his interview just made me love him more. Does he so not look like the Ken doll out there? LOL! I love him. A bit stiff, but I think he really, really has potential. Just lovely, overall, I loved it and him. Great lines and extension, too!! Go Ted!!! (My fave overall couple so far.)

Lacey/Lance - LACEY!!! (I'm so ridiculously excited for her, which is funny considering I wasn't her biggest fan on SYTCD, but I do like her ... more than I realized obviously.) GREAT choreography!! Go Lacey!!! Okay, maybe he was the worst dancer in *NSync, but he still had some moves because he was really, really good. Way, way better than anyone else so far. I'm slightly bugged by what I'm seeing as a slight ringer status after watching that routine, but dangit, if it wasn't fun as all that, so screw it! Sorry Ted & Inna, Lacey/Lance are my new fave. (And I'm not alone! Did you hear that crowd roar?!)

Corky/Cloris - Oh my, she's terrible. Just dreadful. Sigh. I mean, at 82, amazing, but, no, just no. Definitely a character, though.

Edyta/Jeffrey - What I said above, replace the pronoun: Oh my, he's terrible. Just dreadful. Sigh. No, just no. When will Edyta get a shot!?!? I love her and she's never really gotten a shot despite being the only one who has been there all seven seasons. Poor Edyta.

Mark/Kim - She was okay, but they were boring.

Tony/Susan - I like Susan Lucci, but this was not that good. She was so teeny and tentative. Lovely, lovely woman and she looks fabulous, but not a great routine by a long shot.

Maks/Misty - MAKS!! Such an arrogant douche, but I love him still! Oh, Maks, you're so hot. She was good, better than I expected. A few fumbles, but I think that she has a lot of potential. And Maks is hot.

Kym/Warren - Not perfect, but he can move. Great rhythm and he made me smile. It would have been nice had Kym been wearing more clothes, but he was surprisingly quite good.

My top three --

Lacey and Lance
Ted and Inna
Julianne and Cody

Potentials for me --

Karina Rocco

Going Home --

Edyta (sniff, sniff)/Jeffrey ... is there any doubt?

Night 2

Lacey/Lance - If I ever see that dance move in a routine again, I will always think of it as "peeing on a fire hydrant." Thank you, Lacey. They were delightful and I loved 'em again. Great choreography again, too. Go Lacey!!

Maks/Misty - Number one, go Maks!! I am so proud of him for showcasing his star so nicely, which he's always been called on for NOT doing in the past. She's pretty good, has loads of potential, and they are fun together, but the problem is that they looked like two guys having a blast out on the dance floor, as opposed to the yin and yang of a passionate mambo between a man and a woman. But I do like them .

Cheryl/Maurice - Much better than last night. All-around, but Cheryl, how can you have a song with the line "put your hands on your hips," and not have your hands on your hips at that point in the choreography?

Derek/Brooke - I liked them much better than last night, makes me think that my issues with Brooke were more about her nervousness, so good showing. I'm not wowed by them or anything though.

Corky/Cloris - He's really good, and clearly working with what he's got, but yeah, I'm just repeating myself here: Oh my, she's terrible. Just dreadful. Sigh. I mean, at 82, amazing, but, no, just no.

Alec/Toni - Lovely, really, really lovely and she looks so good out there, but I'm just bored. They do nothing for me.

Kym/Warren - Big man is light on his feet, and he's so very infectious. I like them.

Inna/Ted - I LOVE TED!!! I think he and Inna are taking over Lacey and Lance. I just love him. He's just sauve and sexy and charming and funny. Great lines and extension and moves. He needs work; he DEFINITELY needs work but the raw material is there and gorgeous. Pretty please let him go far.

Julianne/Cody - Oh, that was great! I do love Julianne's Quicksteps, those and her Rhumbas are my favorite choreographed numbers by her. This was just lovely, and she looked gorgeous and he looked like such a nice young man. They make a dashing pair out there and I thought he did quite a respectable job. And it may mean nothing, but I just thought I'd point out that Julianne and Apolo's first two routines were the Cha-Cha and the Quickstep. In that order. Hmmm.

Karina/Rocco - He's so hot. I just don't want to take my eyes off of him because he's so hot and he has a great, great presence. And I still think if he can stick around long enough, he has the potential to take it because he's got the moves, he's just got to get it all in the right place. And he's really, really hot.

Did I mention that he's hot?

Tony/Susan - She's such a lady, isn't she? Everything about her just announces it. Still a bit tentative, but definitely better. I'm not sure she'll go far (discounting rabid soap fan voters, LOL! I say this as a rabid soap fan) if she can't handle the latin, but we'll see if she improves in that department because she does know how to bring the passion. I have watched Erica Kane in action. Oh Tony, don't feel bad that Carrie's such a bitch. It's so not your fault. Grr.

Dude, did anyone not know that Jeffrey was going home after that train wreck last night? Yeah, Cloris was bad but she has (a) the age factor and (b) the character factor (like her or not). He had nothing but a trainwreck of a performance. Sigh, poor Edyta.

Mark/Kim - Wow, that was terrible. I have nothing else to say.

My top three --

Ted and Inna
Julianne and Cody
Lacey and Lance tied with Karina and Rocco

Potentials for me --


Going home --

I dunno. Should be Cloris and Corky (sniff, sniff), but she's too much of a character to go home this soon. Or Kim and Mark because that routine was awful, but I don't think it will be them either because of her notoriety. We'll see.

Night 3

That was a GREAT opening number with the pros. I loved it.

STUPID FRICKIN' AMERICA!!!!!! Grr, Ted and Inna. Of course, OF COURSE!, my favorite gets voted out. Blah!! Good thing I still have Julianne/Cody, Lacey/Lance and Karina/Rocco, but DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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