Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Finally! A Plan I Can Get Behind!! (4/5/06 VM)

Thoughts, plenty o' thoughts on Plan B.

  • I'm sorry, but yeah, "Hannah, who?" Seriously. Logan is being his snarky, Cheshire-grinning self about the essay. A gaggle of girls (all acting like Hannah clones) are hanging all over him and he is basking in it like sun and then of course, he's flirting with Veronica. Totally flirting. And right before she left, he totally checked her out. Again, "Hannah, who?" Hah! I knew he didn't actually like her. I mean there is skimming over the emotions (V after Donut left) and there is 'out of sight, out of mind cuz the feelings weren't there in the first place.' This is definitely that. He wanted to like her because she liked him so much, but really, he didn't.

  • Veronica, Veronica, Veronica -- a few paragraphs quoting a famous movie (in which there may have even been a reference to in the paper) in a single-spaced, several-paged essay does not plagerizing a movie make. She just wanted to look at him up close. Honestly, that had to be like her absolute weakest "accusation" EVER! She just wanted to be close.

    Sigh, okay, I'm gonna be a little negative here, sorry. At first I thought it was cool that Veronica went to look at his essay, but taking in her almost annoyance when his name was announced, I figured it would be so she could read it and say he plagerized. And of course, she did. And I am really annoyed about that because (a) Dude there is no way a whole essay could have been written based on a few quotes from a film. Not possible, so he DID write it. And (b) Easy Rider?!!? What are they trying to do here? Logan uses the same moves/words on all the girls?!? Ugh. I'm fanwanking that there are just certain things that Logan does with girlfriends and we never saw him and Lilly really as bf/gf, Caitlin was one episode and with Veronica, they were hiding it and then we didn't see any of their dating because it took place over the summer (grr), so ... no, it's still annoying. I hate Hannah and I hated every second of that storyline from a shipper point of view so much. So many small things that were just little daggers into my LoVe shipper heart. Fortunately, this episode just completely confirmed that Logan so totally did NOT fall of her. And I'll stop griping and just be happy with that.

  • That flashback Weevil had to Felix and his future was really, really bad. I've long lamented this season that Felix was killed off because I liked the actor. I must confess that after that scene, I'm rather kinda glad that I will most likely never have to see Felix again. Bad, bad, bad acting.

  • LOVED, ADORED, WORSHIPPED Veronica's little aggravated foot stamp and muttered, "Damn my curiosity." Just hysterical and that Weevil just stood there waiting, knowing that she would give in. Heeheehee!

  • Aha! And proof yet again that it's LOGAN who pushes her buttons. Logan didn't tell Veronica the whole story of what he remembered that night and Veronica got all huffy. Weevil doesn't tell her the whole story and she just shrugs it off like no big deal.

  • I must say that the parking lot scene has one of my now absolute favorite snarky LoVe comments ever! When Veronica is prodding about what he remembers, Logan says something along the lines of, "As things lose importance, my memory begins (looks to the side) to get fuzzy and -- (sharply looks back at Veronica) wait, who are you?" Yeah, it was snarky, but gentle snark and damn, it was hysterical and delivered almost straight so that it was about a thousand times funnier than had he played it as a joke. (Reminded me of Rob's compliment of how Jason plays those lines in the podcast interview. I will give Rob this, he's right about that.)

    About the scene in general, it was nice to see the gentle snarkiness back and I loved his: "Ask not what Logan can do for you, but what you can do for Logan." tapping into his over-the-top political delusions in this episode due to his honorary status, LOL! And was I the only one who was reminded of Logan turning back to wink and splay his fingers for "Slip 5" in M.A.D. when Logan turned back to give the name.

    And I didn't have a problem with Logan remembering the truck driven, because as pointed out, we know already that Logan was keeping part of his witness recall to protect himself. But now it didn't matter, so he wanted to just help Veronica. Because he loves her. Uh huh. And sorta on that note, I think that Logan giving her the information the way he did way was another subtle form of flirting. He wanted to make her want it and then when she was ready to walk away disappointed, he gave her something to make her happy. Oh yeah, he loves her.

  • Not a Lamb or Muhney fan, but I'll give that he played that scene with Veronica and Weevil to perfection.

  • I loved how Woody was all on 'let's get the press here to do a photo op with me and a young, smart student from Neptune High.' And then he saw Logan and his smile faltering just a bit, calmly told Furonda -- sorry, Beverly -- to cancel that last request. Heeheehee.

  • It's been said, but the "fire the sheriff" line, the overall fantastically-delivered snark was just great. And any Keith/Logan screentime (when Keith is not hurting Logan) is fine by me!

  • They wouldn't do it, but I would die laughing if next week there was some reference to rumors around the school that Weevil was gay, because that shouted "I loved him!" was heard quite clearly and no other part of that discussion was.

  • Speaking of gay, yeah, so Beaver? Dude? Four months and not one ass-grab?!?!?

  • And speaking of more gay, yeah, Woody? Feeling up the hottie high school week-long intern? Never a good political move. Feeling up the hottie high school week-long intern who happens to be a guy? Pretty much political suicide. Feeling up the hottie high school week-long intern who happens to be a guy who happens to be infamous in his own right as well as being the son of a jailed psychopath and alleged murderer? There are no words, dude. Just no words.

  • And speaking of that scene -- that argyle sweater made Jason look skinny and spindly ... it was just bad. Especially when worn in a scene where Woody is supposed to be salivating over his buff, young bod. Which we know he has! It was just camoflauged to a ridiculous degree by that hideously cut argyle. Death to the argyle. Please.

  • Methinks that Keith is pretty much gonna be on good ole Woody's trail because really could he BE any more obvious?

  • The stake-out, I thought the high fiving part was a bit off (but I was feeling weird last night, must rewatch the episode), but overall I loved the scene for three reasons.

    1. Logan's comment. "So this is a stake-out. They're sexier in the movies" totally made me think of stake-out scenes in movies with men/women that invaribly leads to some sexual tension and/or making out and so I fanwanked that Logan said that deliberately because he wanted Veronica to think about making out. And I think Veronica knew that because what did she do right after he said that and there were a few moments of silence? She asked if he'd heard from Hannah (as if reminding him, hey, shouldn't you still be hung up on someone else) and his response was about as blase as they come, the only way he could have shown more lack of interest in the pink pastel would have been had he actually said "Hannah who?"

    Ah, but it gets better! Instead of just dropping it, Veronica continues with the reminder of her dad separating them still, no doubt, trying to believe that Logan is in mourning and what does Logan do? Why he brings up Veronica's father -- which brings up the fact that they dated, reminding her of that fact. Yeah, one-track mind there, Logan and it's all about the Veronica. Because he loves her.

    Seriously, Hannah who? So, so, so, soooo did not like like her.

    Okay one more thing I liked about this scene: We finally saw Logan in Veronica's LeBaron! Woohoo!!! And yes, he did look as cramped in it as every fanfic writer has described.

  • I think the reason that I didn't have a problem with Jackie asking Charlie and didn't find it contrived on the show's part is because it was contrived on Jackie's part. She is deliberately trying to rehabiliate her image and so I think that was definitely a calculated move on her part. Still, she did it and followed through with it. I like Jackie. I think TT was nervous the first couple of episodes and the writers didn't have a handle on the character, but I think she's quite lovely and has smoothed out nicely, her core talent shining through.

  • On the other hand, wow, was this a horrible episode for Wallace (and Percy Daggs III). Wallace was a skunk. No two ways about it. He's leading Jane (a stereotypical plain Jane -- not in looks, but in presence -- if ever there was one) on. He's forced himself on Jackie (and if Jason and Kristen proved indubitably beyond a shadow of a doubt that they have like the mostest chemistry ever!, TT and PD3 showed that they are at the other end of the spectrum). He lied to Jane, making Jackie look bad. Jackie got ragged on because Wallace lied. And then when he finally fesses up in like the second coldest break-up we've seen on the show (even in flashack, Donut still wins handily!), he just walks over to Jackie like "Yeah, baby! I'm available." Total snake and jerk and dickwad. Just ugh! That is NOT my Wallace.

    And while I wasn't impressed with PD3 early on, I've thought he settled into a nice acting groove by the latter part of season one. His acting this episode not only reverted back to early S1, he went further than that. He was just really, really off. Which was a shame (along with the craptastic, assiness writing of Wallace) because the actress who plays Jane does do a sweet, lovely job and Tessa was just wonderful here.

  • Mac and Veronica: I didn't have a problem with the Veronica/Mac conversation, it just showed me that Mac, while Veronica's friend, doesn't really know her. At this point, Logan and Wallace, I think, are the only two people on the planet (and yes, I am excluding Keith, although, he's close) who truly, truly know her inside and out. Mac doesn't. They don't talk about boy stuff (as shown by the pre-emptive apology) and so Mac just knows that Veronica has a slut reputation, dated Logan who has probably the biggest male slut reputation and had a serious relationship with Donut boy. She also dated an older guy! (Deputy Doofus) So I can understand her assuming that Veronica is 'worldly.' I'm thinking that no, she still really isn't, because until told otherwise, I'm assuming her sex life with Duncan was as lame and barely there as was portrayed on the show. And Logan was clearly being as non-aggressive sexually as he could (probably because of the rape), so, I do think Mac is wrong. But I can understand the reasoning.

  • Mac and Beaver: Okay, I know that a lot of people like them. I'm very eh about them. Now I can see why people like them, but I just don't. I don't think physically they make an attractive pair and while they have more chemistry than TT/PD3 (or KB/TD for that matter), they still don't have much. They have cute dialogue and the audience loves them separately. As a couple they do nothing for me, so I wasn't all that upset on a couple level with these two. I DID feel bad for Mac because Beaver was channeling the assiness like Wallace. Not fun.

  • Someone else commented on Logan looking off to the left longingly where Veronica was and I caught that too. I wonder if you could see Veronica in the HD version? (I don't get that one.) But yeah, he was totally looking at Veronica.

  • Okay, Krysten Ritter, I've completely discounted as being a good actress, but last night changed that perception completely. Seriously, it takes skill to so perfectly portray someone THAT annoying and perky and completely unaware of it. I mean, she completely sold why Logan would be ready to kill her, why with just Veronica hearing a few sentences from her would know why Logan was going to kill her and did it all with complete obliviousness. When V pulled Logan away, Gia was annoyed because she wanted to hear what Logan said, clearly clueless that he was going to rip her apart. It was really well-done.

  • Ooh, Wendy noted in her lj that Logan requested "deafening" silence when talking to Gia who, of course, ignored that request. And then when Logan and Veronica were dancing, Veronica DID give him silence. See, they're connected and so in synch. It's beautiful.

  • Speaking of this scene: Woohoo!! Yes, I like many others was thinking "Sway" would just be used for Mac/Beaver and I was annoyed, but I actually did withhold judgement and thought, well, maybe they'll go back to the dance and Logan and Veronica will exchange meaningful glances. It's possible. And Huzzah!! We got that and MORE!! An actual dance. A full-on, look at how much chemistry and let's milk it for all it's worth dance!!!!!!! Dude, I actually forgot just how amazing their chemistry is. I knew they had chemistry, duh! But having it shoved in my face like that was a beautiful, blatant reminder!! Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!!

    And maybe he was snarking, but I totally believed he was telling the truth when he said that he'd dreamed of this. Awww!! And I really, really mean it. Also, I found it believable how they started dancing, yeah, it was contrived, but it worked. While I don't think Veronica considers Gia a friend, I think she thinks she's a nice person and feels a bit sorry for her because she truly is cluelessly annoying and it gave her an excuse to dance with Logan.

    Sigh. Okay, did anyone else get the read from Logan's expression when they got to the dance floor that he expected Veronica to kinda walk away and not really dance with him? He put his hands in his pockets and just stood there and then when Veronica put her arms around his neck, he had this look like "Oh, God! She's actually doing this!" on his face.

    It was just ... I mean, wow, they have such, such, SUCH amazing chemistry. Just WOWZA!

  • Only half-VM, but boy Rod Rowland (Liam) fans must have been happy campers tonight -- he was on Bones (at 8 pm) and then VM (at 9 pm). Too bad I'm not a Rod Rowland fan.

  • Sigh, and yes, Logan has now officially killed someone. But it really wasn't his fault. Unless, he didn't. We didn't actually see Thumper killed. But he probably was, Rob missing out on the chance to actually making Logan a murderer (intentional or not)? Never. So, yeah, Thumper's probably toast. Ah well.

    All and all, excellent episode. I'm going to watch it again over the weekend because I think I missed a few things and also I was in a weird mood last night which I think robbed my full enjoyment of it.
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