Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Torchwood, Episodes 07-08 ... eh, they can't all be winners

and neither of these were.

Okay, so "They Keep Killing Suzie," was good, but it just wasn't great like the previous episodes had been, in my opinion. I mean, it was good, but there was a LOT of clunky dialogue (and John Barrowman really CAN NOT deliver the clunky dialogue without making it sound even clunkier than it already is) and quite a few plotholes. Ah well.

As for "Random Shoes" ... uhm, huh? I understand Doctor Who Doctor and/or companion-lite episodes what with it being a two-lead show, but Torchwood has two leads and three supporting characters and some of those supporting have not had much chance to shine, and one of the leads only had one true shining episode, so what gives? Eugene came out of nowhere, I didn't know who he was and neither the writing of the character or the acting did anything to make me all that interested in him. Furthermore, Gwen seemed a tad out of character. She's suddenly all psychic AND unprofessional? Not answering her phone, not really sharing all that's happening with everyone else? I don't know, it was just weird. And then the ending just did not make a single, solitary lick of sense. Ah well. Like I said, they can't all be winners and this one was definitely a clunker. And worse than that, it was just boring. I can deal with many a thing in television, but boring's really, really bad. And this? Was boring.

You know, on reflection, it probably didn't help that I just watched the awesome of "Father's Day" with the Doctor/Rose awesome and then the awesome that is Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. That's a LOT of awesome to compete with.

I'm going to go through one or two more episodes tonight, I hope they're better. I'm sure they will be.
Tags: doctor who, torchwood, tv

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