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Torchwood, Episodes 02 through 05 .. LOVING IT!!!!!!!!

Seriously. Totally and completely loving this. I love every character. I think they all have chemistry and work well together. I. am. loving. it. all!

Especially Gwen. I love her so much. SO. MUCH.

My favorite episode so far is the one I just watched, "Small World." Seriously, I was near tears at the end there. It was just sad and beautiful and poignant and I LOVED seeing Jack deal with the consequences and how his "companions" were unable to understand his choice. It was so awesome seeing a "human" point of view with what the Doctor does all the time. I know that people probably watch this without a Who background, but I really do think it's giving so much more depth to moments like Jack demanding of his crew what he should have done as they all walk past him, unable to look at him. Just so powerful.

I still don't think that Jack Barrowman is that great of an actor (I think he's actually outshined by everyone else in the cast at this point), but he's good and I'm totally loving Jack in Torchwood, in a way that I never came close to in his Who appearances.

Quick thoughts on the episodes ...

1.02 "Day One" - I love how Gwen made a mistake on the first day, it really helped in terms of showing her what she TRULY is dealing with. It's not police work, there is more to it, but on the other hand, I love how she brought the "human" side to it, since the Torchwood crew are so caught up in the alien stuff, they have lost track of life outside. Like I said to butterfly in my first post about TW, I see a lot of Rose in Gwen, and as someone who adores Rose, I certainly appreciate that. I love how RTD brings this caring, wonderfully compassion person into this alien fold to show them a perspective that more closely matches our own.

While looking for an Eve Myles/Gwen picture for my Gwen icon, I read an article that mentioned that Myles was originally supposed to do the companion after Rose (rubbish or not, I don't know). On one hand, I would have loved that because I would have loved the character interacting with the Doctor, and I think that she and Tennant would have had a lovely chemistry. On the other hand, I think that she would have been too Rose-like, there would have been Doctor/Gwen shipping left and right and my normal couple bias would have turned me off of her because I'm like that. So all in all, I do think it worked out best. :D

1.03 "Ghost Machine" - This one was spooky, and I like how it allowed us to get a better glimpse into Owen and who he is. Not much more to say other than I loved the whole atmosphere of it all. Another well-done episode.

1.04 "Cyberwoman" - Oh, Ianto. Stupid, foolish Ianto (who I totally thought was gay?!?! WTF!?!? Eh, I'll find out.) I felt so bad for him, while enjoying the hell out of all of the character interaction moments (especially Gwen and Owen in the storage unit, I totally watched that about four times!). And, I gotta say, if Jack was giving Ianto mouth-to-mouth that was a really bad form of it. REALLY BAD. It's a miracle, Ianto found his breath what with Jack sucking his face, as opposed to actually, you know, GIVING him breath as actual CPR requires.

And I already talked about "Small World" above. Lovely, beautiful episode. Wah!! I only have two more episodes on this discs and I won't get the next three until Wednesday!!! WAH!!!!!!!!

I am mostly unspoiled for this, so PLEASE DO NOT PUT SPOILERS IN THE COMMENTS!!! Thanks :)
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