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Terminator, Gossip Girl & Prison Break

Man, this show KICKS ASS!!!

I spent this weekend rewatching the whole first season and I loved it as much as I did the first time around, so I was really looking forward to tonight's premiere. It did NOT disappoint.

That opening sequence played to Shirley Manson's new song (if anyone has that to download, pretty, pretty please link me?!?!) was just, wow!!! It was just raw and powerful and amazing. And whoah! to Cameron's programming going wonky and her trying to kill John. The fire, the murders, the car accidents, the Cameron electrifying, the Cameron double-car smashing, all of it so well-done.

Oh, and the moment right before John removed the chip and she was totally playing him to save herself was just awesome, and so emotional. Which, of course, was the tip-off that she was playing him. Still, I bet she was telling the truth to some degree, and John knew it. I think his response to Sarah about knowing that robots can't love was knowing that he DID love her. What I loved, loved, loved about John choosing to not burn Cameron, but implant the chip was that this was the first real step we've seen from John cutting the apron strings ... and about damn time. I did love even more, though, Cameron telling Sarah to not let John bring her back again if she goes bad again, and the look on Sarah's face because Cameron didn't know, not really being there, but Sarah didn't have a choice. John was going to do what John was going to do.

Speaking of John, erm, stepping up. Anyone (everyone?) else think that John was the one who killed Sarkissian? I totally expected a flashback ala the Derek killing Andy reveal. Maybe in an episode or two. Cuz based on the end of this episode and the preview, John is a tad screwed up in the head right now. And I don't think the berserker Cameron is all that put him there.

ETA: I wound up going into a lot more detail on why I think this in a response below, so I'm just adding that here. I don't know if I would have been so quick to jump to that belief had I not just rewatched s1. There was this bit in the last (or second to last, but I think it was last) episode where John and Derek specifically talked about the fact that Sarah's never actually killed anyone. And since they did not know or expect that ep 9 would be the season finale, it makes perfect sense that the info was put in there to lead up to what happens here with Sarkissian. I just think we would have had a much bigger reaction from Sarah had she been the one to kill him. Whereas we had her asking him several times if he were okay from a clearly emotional standpoint. And we had the deliberate bit where he said she may want to talk about it, but he doesn't, so they won't ... and THEN she said fine, let's talk about Cameron, meaning whatever he didn't want to talk about that happened at the house wasn't Cameron. And nothing different than they're used to had happened at the house from what we saw to have such an effect on him ... thus, he killed Sarkissian. I'll be really shocked if it turns out he didn't.

So many little things that were great, Cameron stapling her face, Ellison lying because he had to, Ellison apologizing to dead Lazlo for making him the fall guy, Shirley Manson's accent!, Charlie's bit about being married (and how his too-great a concern for Sarah will likely come to haunt him judging from next week's preview). All of it was just so well done. The acting was fabulous, I was surprised at how well Shirley Manson did, I know (and love) her from Garbage, but did not expect her to be as good as she was. I was quite shocked that she was a high-grade model Terminator, but thought it was a little silly that she was pretending to be a urinal? Uhm, okay.

Rambling, rambling, rambling, I know. Also, I'm so glad John shaved his hair off simply because Dekker's wig was AWFUL! Summer Glau continues to kick ass in all kinds of ways, and sadly, I think I am jumping (softly) onto the John/Cameron ship. Next week looks intriguing, the whole damn thing just continues to be and look as awesome as the first season. Gosh, I hope the ratings are good.

Other than the bad wig, her being a urinal, the only other thing I didn't like was the new beginning. I much preferred the Sarah voice-over from last season. But, hey, when those are my only complaints, that tells you what a fantabulous episode this was. I'm so glad my show is back!!!!!!!

RE: Gossip Girl, as usual, I just fast-forwarded through the parts of the show that did not feature Chuck and Blair. They are both so good, and really the only thing worth watching, in my opinion. And, MY GOD!!!, does next week look knee-buckling-HOT! or what!?!?!? Wowza!!!!!

I'll be watching Prison Break and The Closer tomorrow ...

Oh, Alex!!! And I think that Michael has been replaced, the new love that dare not speak its name on PB is Alex/Lincoln! Go figure! LOL! Seriously, I was waiting for Lincoln to find out and I liked how he did, it's one of the few times the show went for a realistic touch as opposed to surreal and/or ludicrous. Haha! And I LOVE that we got to see Lang at least one more time. I hope we see her again, though. I do love her and Alex's relationship. I know I am not the only one who totally thinks she's a little (if not more) in love with him. Can't say I blame her.

Oh, that moment with Sara and Michael when he went to her outstretched hands, bowed against them, promised her that they WOULD disappear someday and then pressed against her while she kissed his head was so very much more romantic and powerful than their reunion last week. THAT's the Sara and Michael I love.

So the ridiculous plot thickens. Fun, fun, fun. I'm loving the new additions this season, Michael Rappaport's Agent Self and Asian hacker are both great. I love the fun, pulpy, ridiculous, unbelievability of this show that has the pretense of taking itself so seriously. It really is a blast.

Oh, and Wentworth so brings the pretty. He and William Fichtner are delicious, if very different, eye candy.
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