Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Book Rec Results (So Far)

Well, I've read a couple of Jennifer Crusie books and she's good. Tells a bit more story, rather than straight romance, than I prefer, but she's enjoyable reading for when I'm not in the mood for straight romance. I'll definitely continue to read her. Suzanne Brockmann, she may be good, but I realized about four chapters in that I'm not a fan of romantic/thrillers. Going back and thinking of similar type of books, I've never really gone for them. I can't explain why.

I started one of the Stephanie Plum novels (thinking I had got them in order) but quickly realized it was so not in order. But I liked the little I read, so I'm getting those books in order. I actually had grabbed an Ian Rankin book before but hadn't gotten around to reading it, so I'm trying to get those in order as well.

All the rest I have on hold. Thanks again for the recs and any others are appreciated.
Tags: books

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