Arabian (arabian) wrote,

BBC's 'Merlin' -- well, I'm excited!!!

Just read about this (thanks marcella_riddle on ontheydidnt). Merlin is played by the kid who played Jethro in "Midnight," and Anthony Stewart Head is in it as well. Plus, I liked Michelle Ryan in Jekyll & Hyde, if not Bionic Woman. Plus, Julie Gardner is involved and quote:

    Julie Gardner, the head of drama at BBC Wales, said that working with Doctor Who show runner Russell T Davies informed the development of Merlin. "I learned so much about the 7pm slot from Russell T Davies' Doctor Who scripts and from his approach as an executive producer to that particular slot," she said. "Russell's been a huge supporter of Merlin. He immediately saw its potential and proved invaluable in early discussions about how to shape the series for Saturday night."
So, I'm excited. Ooh, I hope it's good!!
Tags: merlin, tv

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