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Comic Relief 2007, Catherine Tate/David Tennant

I'm sure this has been seen by everyone and their dog in the fandom (except for me, until now) and I just have to ask: HOW HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS -- Comic Relief 2007 - Catherine Tate as Lauren Cooper and David Tennant as her English Teacher (nudge, nudge) -- BEFORE TONIGHT!??!?!?!?!?

I'd heard vaguely of the "Doctor who?" bit, but really knew nothing else. First of all I was just rolling based on Catherine's performance (any doubt I've had about adding her show to my Netflix queue is GONE!!!!!!!!!!), then David's accent *sigh* and then the Doctor Who riff, then "Lauren" throwing in the crack about Billie Piper and then him being the Doctor and making her a ROSE action figure (a power we've never seen the sonic screwdriver exhibit before!), and THEN him saying "A rose by any other name ..." Aside from the hilarity of it all, I couldn't help but get the hugest kick out of the fact that not only was Billie mentioned, not only was Rose (sorta) mentioned, but we saw a Rose "appearance," and it came across as kinda shippy!! I LOVED IT!!!

My favorite lines (Who-related):

    Lauren: Are you the Doctor?
    English Teacher (Doctor): Doctor who?

    Lauren: Did you just pitch up from Mars? (I liked that specifically because of Donna calling him a Martian, sigh, oh Donna!)

    Lauren: You know your house, right?
    English Teacher (Doctor): What?
    Lauren: Your house?
    English Teacher (Doctor): Yeah?
    Lauren: Is it bigger on the inside?

    English Teacher (Doctor): Can we get back to Shakespeare. So --
    Lauren: Do you fancy Billie Piper, sir?
    English Teacher (Doctor): You are the most insolent child I've ever had the misfortune to teach.
    Lauren: Thank you.

    Lauren (After flawlessly reciting Sonnet 130): Bite me, alien boy!

    English Teacher (Doctor) (After turning Lauren into the Rose action figure with the sonic screwdriver): A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ...
Oh, Lordy, this was unbelievably hysterical. Just hysterical. I love it so, so, so, so, sooooooooooooooooooo!!!

** Smushes it with love and joy and happiness **

Tags: catherine tate, david tennant, doctor who, doctor/rose

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