Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Oh, Olympics! YAY!

Caught up on some of the Olympics -- still have a few more hours to go, but wanted to jot down some thoughts ... So here goes:

I'd actually had no intention of watching this, just planned on fast-forwarding through it, but the sight of Constantina Tomescu-Dita of Romania in the lead caught my attention. And it was so worth watching. She just ran an amazing marathon. It never ceases to amaze me how emotional I (and many others) can get watching sports event, and especially the Olympics. It really does come down to seeing someone who could be just an ordinay human being doing something extraordinary. And that's what Tomescu-Dita did here. She took that lead early and she just kept it. I'm in awe. WOW!

Yay!!! He did it (okay, they did it, go USA), but eight for eight, Olympic history. GO PHELPS!!!!!!!! Again, I was on feet, cheering it on and I yelped with joy when Lezak touched first again. So exciting. So very, very exciting!!!
Tags: olympics

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