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FICTION: In the Mood (Logan/Veronica) NC-17

Rating: NC-17
Summary: Veronica and Logan have sex.
Spoilers: None.
Disclaimer: UPN, Warner Bros. Rob Thomas, et al. You know, the usual suspects. They own these characters, not I.
Notes: Not beta-d, just wanted to put some LoVe smut out there. It's kinda sappy, but I do sappy, so sorry. Please feedback if you read and like!

His hand had lingered there, just there on the curve of her waist, on too many occasions to count. And yet, it was different … in the mood, in the moment of now. His breath was warm against the tender flesh of her neck and when Logan whispered her name, she felt no fear. Every movement of his body against hers, every tremulous feel of his fingers upon her was filled with an expectation of more and that expectation filled her with joy.

She pulled away slightly, and blonde tumbles of her hair obscured his face briefly. Veronica met his gaze. His beautiful gaze, his beautiful eyes – warm and golden brown, the desire and wonder in those eyes starting a pool of warmth circling in her belly. While those eyes still held hers, he lowered his head. Her breath came quickly, her heart racing; racing, running, flying, dancing and then it stopped for a moment. Her breath suspended as he paused before her face, his breath hovering over her lips and then in a rush, she exhaled quickly.

Veronica let out a shaky breath just at the moment that he lowered his head again, gingerly placing a chase kiss on her top lip and then on her bottom lip. Her hands rose slowly, languidly as if swimming in water and rested against his chest, her fingers catching hold of the sides of his unbuttoned shirt. “Veronica,” he murmured in hushed tones and his hand, shaking slightly, floated over her throat, sidling down her arm. His arm curved about her waist and his fingers splayed across the small of her back. Pulling her close to him, she gladly welcomed the movement, sighing as her body pressed against his. Logan cocked his head slightly to the side and there in his beautiful eyes -- hot and burning, was a question and because they were his eyes, she saw the answer.

Veronica nodded; there were no words necessary.

As if that nod was what he had been waiting for, Logan’s arm trailed along the curve of her waist before a slight pressure of his fingers brushed against the side of her breast. A breathy sigh emerged from between her lips. The feel of his hand upon her breast, lightly cupping the weight in his palm, was heaven. His finger rose and grazed her nipple, a spark running through her red-hot. Veronica pressed her body, her breast closer to him, to his touch. Lifting her face, she couldn’t halt the whimper that escaped her once more; she wanted to feel his kiss again. Reading her mind, his hand rose again, now resting against the side of her face, his hand cradling her head in his palm, his head lowering, bending at an angle.

Veronica closed her eyes as his lips parted above hers. Her hand loosened upon his shirt and rose to encircle his neck, her fingers pulling at the strands of his hair. His lips found hers once more, his kiss deepening, his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth, gently entangling with her own. Moaning softly against his lips as she drove her body ever closer to his, as gradually the softness, the gentle loving of his kiss grew more passionate, ardent desire capturing hold. Logan pulled her to him, his arm firm around her waist as their lips meld and clung, parting to allow desperate breaths to emerge, meeting again in need and pleasure.

As the heat intensified between them, he laid her down upon the bed. "Logan," she breathed his name as her arms came up, her hands winding their way over his tee shirt to the hem. Veronica pressed her body against his, as she made space between them to remove his shirt. Passion flooded through her body, unleashing a torrent of ardor directed at Logan, as she grappled with his over shirt, his tee shirt and in the passion was laughter as they both struggled to get his clothing off. “How many horny teenagers does it take to get naked?” Logan murmured against her mouth, between a giggle and a kiss.

Veronica just shook her head and finally pushed him off of her and they both sat up, Logan removing his shirts and Veronica pulling her top off. The grin on Logan’s face melted into a shade of reverence as she faced him. With a deep breath, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall. Logan gulped, his eyes not moving from her chest. Scooting across the bed, Veronica pressed against him and mumbled against his lips between quick kisses. Pulling back, she tried to meet his gaze, but his eyes had already fallen back to her bosom. “They’re just boobs,” she laughed. Wrapping her arms around his neck, Veronica pushed him onto his back, catching him off-balance and capturing his mouth once more.

Without a word, he fell under the onslaught of her emotion as she took control. Her fingers rifled through his hair, as feverishly her tongue conducted the mating dance with his, exploring the sweet recesses of his mouth. She clung to him as he rolled her over, lying atop her writhing, passion-soaked form. His mouth trailed down her body, suctioning against the soft flesh of her throat, tracing her collarbone before his lips found the soft swell of her breast. She kissed the crown of his head, the silky strands feathering against her lips. "Logan," she whispered softly in a half-sigh, half-moan as his mouth fastened upon one hardened peak.

Veronica moaned his name again, her hands running roughly across his back, her nails gripping into hot flesh. Logan’s hand began a southbound exploration. “Thank God for short skirts,” he muttered into her soft skin as he reached the hem of her black mini, shucking it up around her waist. Veronica moaned into his shoulder, her teeth nipping at the skin as his fingers grasped the edge of her panties. Logan slid the silky material off of her hips, down her thighs and Veronica nudged the underwear off of her legs and kicked them off. Willingly and happily, she was in control of the final removal.

Logan pulled away from her and stood up, gazing down at her and Veronica flushed at the heated enchantment on his face, in his eyes. And then cocking his head slightly to the side, he bent back over her and undid the snap and zipper of her skirt, pulling it off so that she lay completely naked before him. Rising once more, he stood still for a moment taking in every inch of her. She smiled, but impatience was building. Reaching out she nudged at his leg with her toe. "You're still dressed." Laughing slightly, he reached for his jeans and unsnapped; then he began to tug down the zipper.

Pausing before pulling at the waistband, he met her gaze once more. “Are you sure?” he asked. And even though she was ready completely for him, she appreciated that he wanted to make sure … completely sure that she was. Nodding, she sat up, aware of her nudity, but comfortable because it was Logan looking at her. Rising to her knees, she reached over and began to tug at his jeans, helping him with the rest of his clothing. Before they were even completely off, he was on top of her again as they tumbled to the bed, and their feet joined in kicking his jeans and boxers off onto the floor. They were giggling and playing like kids, and kissing and loving like adults. Rolling her over, Logan lay completely atop her once more.

Veronica’s giggles faded and moaned into sharp sighs as his fingers slid down her thigh and brushed against the center of her desire before delving into her very core. She jerked beneath him, her hips bucking upwards as he feathered her clitoris between his fingers, bringing her closer and closer to the precipice. "Logan," she cried, so caught up in the primitive emotion of her arousal that his name was the only word she could gasp. He trailed moist, burning kisses down her throat, resting his face upon the curve of her neck as he lifted himself slowly. Her eyes opened and met his.

"Veronica, God, Veronica," he let out in a sharp exhalation of breath as he entered her, her silken walls stretching to receive him and then closing in around him, clinging like a honeyed glove as he surged forward, creating a delicious friction that emanated throughout her entire body. She arched her body towards him, grabbing his face with her hands, lunging for his mouth. The meeting of tongues developed into a wild, mating dance.

Veronica wrapped her arms around his neck, entwining her fingers in his hair. Drawing her arms away from his head, she ran her fingers down his shoulders, along his biceps and triceps. He was breathing heavily, his hips moving in a rhythm as old as time. "Veronica," he breathed her name again as she wrapped her legs more tightly around him. His hand fell from her face and a moment later, a spark of heat lit inside her as his finger found the core of her. As he slowly thrust with infinite care, building up a wave of pleasure inside her body, he touched her deeply, intimately, multiplying her pleasure.

She clutched at him tighter, moaning his name. Apparently that was too much for him, his finger picked up its pace, one more joining in the fun as he drove deeper into her, harder and faster and deeper and she was crying and flying and screaming and soaring. Her arms were clasped about his shoulders, her nails scratching across his back. Her legs wrapped around his hips, her feet crossed at the ankles as she pushed herself up against him, as he drove inside of her, his fingers still dancing upon the fiery nubbin of her core. Then with a final surge, he spilled his seed into her as their mingled cries echoed throughout the pool house. Logan let out a hoarse cry, falling heavily against her again. The only sound in the room was their combined breathing.

“Wow,” Veronica finally managed to breathe in the quiet.

”Yeah,” Logan managed. “Wow.”

Opening her eyes, Veronica lightly ran light fingers against his cheek. Meeting her gaze, he smiled. As did she. Letting out a sigh, she squirmed beneath him and then bit her lower lip, a grin perking the corners of her mouth. “Wanna do it again?”

The End
Tags: fic

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