Arabian (arabian) wrote,

More Piper/The Tennant/+Tate Viewing to get me through the 'Who' Drought

I haven't actually watched any of the movies/shows on my Who-drought list, but I have a few more to add to them, plus I added Catherine Tate to my list of Eccleston, Piper and Tennant. I do plan on watching all of these no both lists, but I want to finish my rewatch-review of my Rose episodes first, thus the delay. (And, hey, by the time I get to them maybe Hamlet will have been released on DVD. One can dream.)

David Tennant

- Secret Smile - Yes, I know he plays a psychotic ex-boyfriend. I'm strangely looking forward to watching this. I think he'll be super-sexy playing evil. We'll see.

Billie Piper

- Ruby in the Smoke / The Shadow in the North - The two Sally Lockhart movies.

Catherine Tate

- First series of the Catherine Tate Show - I just could not resist. If I like it, I'll nab the second series.

- Starter for Ten - I actually grabbed this one on Netflix already because it got good romantic reviews and stars James McAvoy. She likely doesn't have a big part, but woohoo! Catherine Tate!!

- Love and Other Disasters - Added to my Netflix Instant Watch Queue.

- Scenes of a Sexual Nature - Ewan MacGregor AND Catherine Tate in the same movie!?! Woohoo!!!

Any thoughts (non-spoilery) on any of the above are appreciated. :)
Tags: billie piper, catherine tate, david tennant

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