Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Olympics: Men's Swimming (aka Michael Phelps IS hot)

I've had a fairly crappy day, sat down to watch the Olympics and just finished the LIVE coverage of the 400m relay race. You know the one where the French said that they came specifically to these Olympic games to smash the Americans. Sigh.

Well, take that!!!!!!!!!!! I was literally on my feet as Lezak passed the final French dude and won the GOLD!!!! I screamed, I cheered, I clapped so hard my hands hurt. Woohoo!!!!

Okay, yeah, just wanted to share some unadulterated joy I got on a craptastic day. USA! USA! USA!

Meanwhile, the women's gymnastics from yesterday ... Oy, did the women's team have a craptastic day themselves or what?! Still, coming in second isn't bad at all in the qualifying, but out of bounds, falls, missed stuffies, left and right. Whoah.

Still, the important thing: Michael Phelps is hot and he now has two of his going-for-eight gold medals!
Tags: olympics

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