Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Damn you, headache!!!!!!!!!

For the first time all season (and practically ever!) I did not watch Project Runway when it aired. No, I'm just watching it now, and, and, and ...

I see the person skating behind Tim, no focus on him, and I see the hair and I'm like "That's Apolo. No." Then they start speculating on who is this person skating, and I'm like aloud, disbelief, and WHOAH! in my voice, "That's Apolo. THAT'S Apolo." He starts to come closer to where you'll see him and I'm like, "That's FUCKING APOLO!" And then, sure enough, Apolo Anton Ohno.

Oh, Project Runway, you've just captured my heart for the season. Let one of the contestants reveal themselves to be another Jeffrey Sebelis and win and I. Won't. Care. You gave me Apolo for one episode.

Squee!!!!!!!!!! Must go watch the rest of the show now ... be back to finish this entry.

Dude, I was so barely focused on the show whenever Apolo was onscreen, I was just -- "Hee hee, Apolo. He's hot. He's so pretty. It's Apolo. I love Apolo."

Ahem, the show. I totally called the winner and loser. I'm still rooting for Kelli, even if I haven't loved all of her stuff, because I think she's the stealth one. Mmmhmm. I like Stella, lord help me, I do. And both Suede and Blaine crack me up. I think that Kelli, Korto and Terri are the ones I see having a real shot at winning. We'll see.
Tags: apolo anton ohno, project runway

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