Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Hi, this is me! :)

Joining those who are putting up an intro post thanks to the DW friending meme. My profile page was just updated so I'm pretty good there. So what to say ...

I am big on TV, I watch movies and read books a lot too but don't tend to post much on them. When I get INTO something (currently it's Doctor Who) I go on and on (and on and on) about it, in many an entry and long, rambling ones at that. If you ever want to add your two cents and find yourself going on and on as well, know that it's appreciated by me. I likes the meaty posts, the analysis, the digging in deep.

Once the Fall TV season (in US) starts, I'll likely have a more variety of posts, but for now it will mostly be Who and random stuff here and there. I don't post much personal stuff, mostly fandom, and perusing my tags, you'll have a pretty good idea of what fandoms I'm in. :D

PS: That's my cat (one of three), Doyle, in my icon. I know, I know, he has a total bitch-face going on there, but really he's a sweetie-pie.

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