Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD results

I know that Chelsie is going tonight. I've accepted this. I can deal. But before I see her voted out, I wanted to just take the moment to appreciate the fact that at least I got to see Mark and Chelsie dance together one more time in that beautiful opening number.

Sigh. I miss them already.

And, sure enough, there goes Chelsie. Sigh. She's better than Courtney, and more charismatic and exciting than Katee. Stupid Nigel, Stupid Mary. Stupid America.

Twitch is safe. Hmm. I thought it would be Mark. Okay, well, in a way this is a good thing for me. I was really torn about watching next week's performance (as opposed to the results where I know I'll see my Chelsie and Mark again) with Mark being in the competition because I'd be so pissed that Chelsie wasn't there. This takes care of that problem. Mark is gone too.

Stupid, stupid, stupid ... and even worse than Chelsie because Mark is heads and tails and everything else above Joshua and ESPECIALLY Twitch as a dancer.

Ah well, I won't be watching next week's performance and will just be zipping through the results to watch Mark/Chelsie and Gev. I honestly don't even care who wins. I just don't.

ETA: Crap, I forgot to ask -- it cut off right as Cat called Chelsie over to Mark and I really wanted to see the close-out of the show with them. Is it up anywhere?
Tags: chelsie hightower, sytycd

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